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Achievements are additional goals in Diggy's Adventure.
Each Region brings a new set of achievements.
Each achievement is divided into levels and requires you to repeat a certain activity for a certain number of times.
Achievements grant good rewards, which also include gems and green rings.
You can see your achievements in the Museum.
Events also have achievements, during a possible re-release of the event you will continue at the level you left it first time. It will not be reset.

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Regular Achievements

Master of Frequency

Master of Frequency
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Finish 5 Repeatable Mines 500Sys001.png 300Mat001.png 20Mat007.png
Level 2 Finish 50 Repeatable Mines 800Sys001.png 700Mat001.png 1Use0009.png
Level 3 Finish 200 Repeatable Mines 3,000Sys001.png 100Mat007.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 4 Finish 600 Repeatable Mines 8,000Sys001.png 1,500Mat001.png 100Mat007.png 100Mat022.png
Level 5 Finish 1,000 Repeatable Mines 14,000Sys001.png 2,500Mat001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 6 Finish 1,500 Repeatable Mines 20,000Sys001.png 3,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Big Digger

Big Digger
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Remove 1,000 Tiles 500Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Remove 5,000 Tiles 800Sys001.png 200Mat022.png
Level 3 Remove 15,000 Tiles 3,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Remove 50,000 Tiles 8,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Remove 100,000 Tiles 14,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Remove 250,000 Tiles 20,000Sys001.png 3,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 2 Treasures 500Sys001.png 200Mat001.png 1Use0004.png
Level 2 Collect 4 Treasures 900Sys001.png 1Use0009.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 3 Collect 6 Treasures 3,000Sys001.png 2,000Mat001.png 1Use0010.png Use0026.png
Level 4 Collect 8 Treasures 10,000Sys001.png + 1 Roast Rib + 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 10 Treasures 35,000Sys001.png 10,000Mat001.png 1Use0012.png Use0026.png
Level 6 Collect 15 Treasures 150,000Sys001.png 2Juggernaut.PNG 3Tok0032.png BlankFlag.png

Caravan Skipper

Caravan Skipper
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Send 50 Camels 500Sys001.png 500Mat001.png
Level 2 Send 150 Camels 800Sys001.png 100Mat020.png
Level 3 Send 500 Camels 3,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Send 1,000 Camels 8,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Send 5,000 Camels 14,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Send 10,000 Camels 20,000Sys001.png 3,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png BlankFlag.png


Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Finish 100 Production Cycles 500Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Finish 400 Production Cycles 1,000Sys001.png 100Mat009.png
Level 3 Finish 2,000 Production Cycles 4,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Finish 7,500 Production Cycles 8,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Finish 20,000 Production Cycles 20,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Finish 50,000 Production Cycles 50,000Sys001.png 5,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png 1Use0026.png BlankFlag.png


Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Build 20 Decorations 120Sys001.png 200Mat001.png
Level 2 Build 50 Decorations 300Sys001.png 30Mat019.png
Level 3 Build 150 Decorations 500Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Build 300 Decorations 1,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Build 500 Decorations 2,500Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Build 1,000 Decorations 6,000Sys001.png 3,000Mat001.png 30Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Building Maniac

Building Maniac
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Build 5 Camp Equipment 120Sys001.png 200Mat001.png
Level 2 Build 15 Camp Equipment 300Sys001.png 50Mat020.png
Level 3 Build 25 Camp Equipment 500Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Build 40 Camp Equipment 1,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Build 70 Camp Equipment 2,500Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Build 120 Camp Equipment 6,000Sys001.png 3,000Mat001.png BlankFlag.png

Dirt Destroyer

Dirt Destroyer
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Clear 3 Dirt Tiles 200Sys001.png 500Mat001.png
Level 2 Clear 5 Dirt Tiles 900Sys001.png 1Steak.PNG 1Use0036.png
Level 3 Clear 8 Dirt Tiles 5,000Sys001.png + 1 Roast Ribs + 1Use0047.png
Level 4 Clear 13 Dirt Tiles 15,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 3Use0036.png
Level 5 Clear 18 Dirt Tiles 50,000Sys001.png 25,000Mat001.png 3Juggernaut.PNG
Level 6 Clear 24 Dirt Tiles 90,000Sys001.png 3Mat047.png 100Mat032.png
Level 7 Clear 31 Dirt Tiles 140,000Sys001.png 100Mat008.png 1Use0026.png
Level 8 Clear 39 Dirt Tiles 200,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png BlankFlag.png


Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Place 25 Windmills 500Sys001.png 500Mat001.png
Level 2 Place 100 Windmills 1,000Sys001.png 200Mat007.png
Level 3 Place 400 Windmills 4,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Place 2,000 Windmills 8,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Place 5,000 Windmills 20,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Place 10,000 Windmills 50,000Sys001.png 5,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png 1Use0027.png BlankFlag.png

Joy Spreader

Joy Spreader
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Send 200 Gifts 500Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Send 1,000 Gifts 1,000Sys001.png 150Mat003.png
Level 3 Send 2,000 Gifts 4,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Send 10,000 Gifts 10,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Send 25,000 Gifts 20,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Send 100,000 Gifts 30,000Sys001.png 60Mat002.png 1Use0027.png BlankFlag.png


Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Receive 100 Gifts 500Sys001.png 500Mat001.png
Level 2 Receive 400 Gifts 1,000Sys001.png 50Mat019.png
Level 3 Receive 2,000 Gifts 4,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Receive 7,500 Gifts 10,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Receive 20,000 Gifts 20,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Receive 100,000 Gifts 30,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 1Use0027.png BlankFlag.png

The Keeper

The Keeper
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect from 10 Neighbours God Children 100Sys001.png 300Mat001.png 1Use0004.png
Level 2 Collect from 300 Neighbours God Children 200Sys001.png 500Mat001.png 3Use0006.png
Level 3 Collect from 1,000 Neighbours God Children 500Sys001.png 1Tok0032.png 1Use0009.png
Level 4 Collect from 2,800 Neighbours God Children 800Sys001.png 20Mat002.png 3Use0009.png
Level 5 Collect from 6,000 Neighbours God Children 2,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 2Use0010.png
Level 6 Collect from 13,000 Neighbours God Children 5,000Sys001.png 2,000Mat001.png 40Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Recruiter (No longer in the game)

Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Recruit 5 New Neighbours 3,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png 5,000Sys001.png
Level 2 Recruit 10 New Neighbours 6,000Sys001.png 60Mat002.png 8,000Sys001.png
Level 3 Recruit 20 New Neighbours 1Bld0061.png (+50/h) 3Tok0032.png 15,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png BlankFlag.png
 In order to receive this achievement the following requirements must be met:
 1. The new account must never have played Diggy's Adventure before.
 2. The new account must start Diggy's Adventure from the invitation sent by the old account. 
 3. The new account must reach the first quest for god Anubis (the one that gives you the first part of Anubis picture)

This achievement has been removed from the game and can no longer be completed


Berry Harvester

Berry Harvester
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 40 Mat029.png 100Sys001.png 150Mat001.png 10Use0008.png
Level 2 Collect 100 Mat029.png 200Sys001.png 300Mat022.png 30Use0008.png
Level 3 Collect 200 Mat029.png 400Sys001.png 15Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 300 Mat029.png 600Sys001.png 400Mat001.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 400 Mat029.png 800Sys001.png 600Mat001.png 50Use0008.png
Level 6 Collect 500 Mat029.png 1,000Sys001.png 15Mat002.png 1Tok0032.png BlankFlag.png

Fungus Picker

Fungus Picker
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 50 Mat019.png 500Sys001.png 200Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 200 Mat019.png 800Sys001.png 50Mat009.png
Level 3 Collect 800 Mat019.png 3,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 2,000 Mat019.png 8,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 5,000 Mat019.png 14,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Collect 15,000 Mat019.png 20,000Sys001.png 3,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png BlankFlag.png


Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 80 Mat021.png 500Sys001.png 600Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 320 Mat021.png 1,000Sys001.png 50Mat019.png 3Use0004.png
Level 3 Collect 1,600 Mat021.png 4,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 6,000 Mat021.png 8,000Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 16,000 Mat021.png 20,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Collect 80,000 Mat021.png 50,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 1Use0027.png BlankFlag.png


Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 10 Mat035.png 100Sys001.png 100Mat001.png 1Use0009.png
Level 2 Collect 40 Mat035.png 200Sys001.png 40Mat007.png 40Mat009.png
Level 3 Collect 80 Mat035.png 400Sys001.png 400Mat001.png 3Use0009.png
Level 4 Collect 160 Mat035.png 600Sys001.png 500Mat001.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 280 Mat035.png 800Sys001.png 700Mat001.png 5Use0009.png
Level 6 Collect 360 Mat035.png 1,000Sys001.png 25Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Wood Lover

Wood Lover
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat007.png 500Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 400 Mat007.png 800Sys001.png 200Mat022.png
Level 3 Collect 2,000 Mat007.png 3,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 7,500 Mat007.png 8,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 20,000 Mat007.png 14,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Collect 100,000 Mat007.png 20,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Rock Gatherer

Rock Gatherer
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100Mat022.png 500Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 400Mat022.png 800Sys001.png 300Mat007.png
Level 3 Collect 2,000Mat022.png 3,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 7,500Mat022.png 8,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 20,000Mat022.png 14,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Collect 100,000Mat022.png 20,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Colliery Fan

Colliery Fan
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat009.png 500Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 400 Mat009.png 1,000Sys001.png 100Mat003.png
Level 3 Collect 2,000 Mat009.png 4,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 7,500 Mat009.png 10,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 20,000 Mat009.png 20,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Collect 100,000 Mat009.png 30,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Copper King

Copper King
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat003.png 500Sys001.png 2,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 400 Mat003.png 1,000Sys001.png 100Mat009.png
Level 3 Collect 2,000 Mat003.png 4,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 7,500 Mat003.png 10,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 20,000 Mat003.png 20,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Collect 100,000 Mat003.png 30,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 1Use0027.png BlankFlag.png

Tin Collector

Tin Collector
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat006.png 5,000Sys001.png 2,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 400 Mat006.png 1,000Sys001.png 100Mat009.png
Level 3 Collect 2,000 Mat006.png 4,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 7,500 Mat006.png 8,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 20,000 Mat006.png 20,000Sys001.png 2,000Mat001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 6 Collect 100,000 Mat006.png 50,000Sys001.png 5,000Mat001.png 60Mat002.png 1Use0026.png BlankFlag.png

Iron Man

Iron Man
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat033.png 500Sys001.png 2,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 400 Mat033.png 1,000Sys001.png 300Mat007.png
Level 3 Collect 2,000 Mat033.png 4,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png
Level 4 Collect 7,500 Mat033.png 10,000Sys001.png 4Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 20,000 Mat033.png 20,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 30Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 100,000 Mat033.png 30,000Sys001.png 4Tok0032.png 70Mat002.png 1Use0027.png BlankFlag.png

Hero Of Egypt

Hero of Egypt
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Clear 3 Locations 500Sys001.png 250Mat001.png 3Use0036.png 50Mat007.png
Level 2 Clear 9 Locations 1,500Sys001.png 500Mat001.png 150Mat022.png 150Mat007.png
Level 3 Clear 15 Locations 3,000Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png 100Mat008.png 3Use0047.png
Level 4 Clear 20 Locations 5,000Sys001.png 1,500Mat001.png 300Mat007.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 5 Clear 30 Locations 8,000Sys001.png 3,000Mat001.png 300Mat022.png 1Use0020.png
Level 6 Clear 41 Locations 10,000Sys001.png 5,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png
Level 7 Clear 52 Locations 15,000Sys001.png 7,000Mat001.png 2Mat047.png 1Use0026.png
Level 8 Clear 60 Locations 25,000Sys001.png 10,000Mat001.png 3Tok0032.png BlankFlag.png


Dill Farmer

Dill Farmer
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 50 Mat181.png 6,000Sys001.png 40Mat003.png
Level 2 Collect 100 Mat181.png 9,000Sys001.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 3 Collect 200 Mat181.png 12,000Sys001.png 2Use0036.png
Level 4 Collect 400 Mat181.png 18,000Sys001.png 25Mat182.png
Level 5 Collect 700 Mat181.png 24,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 6 Collect 1,000 Mat181.png 36,000Sys001.png 30Mat032.png
Level 7 Collect 1,500 Mat181.png 48,000Sys001.png 1Mat047.png
Level 8 Collect 2,500 Mat181.png 60,000Sys001.png 75Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Cod of Duty

Cod Of Duty
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 30 Mat182.png 9,000Sys001.png 2Use0589.png
Level 2 Collect 60 Mat182.png 12,000Sys001.png 45Mat181.png
Level 3 Collect 120 Mat182.png 18,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 4 Collect 200 Mat182.png 30,000Sys001.png 2Use0036.png
Level 5 Collect 300 Mat182.png 48,000Sys001.png 35Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 400 Mat182.png 72,000Sys001.png 40Mat008.png
Level 7 Collect 500 Mat182.png 96,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 8 Collect 600 Mat182.png 120,000Sys001.png 75Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Pink Panther

Pink Panther
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 5 Mat047.png 2,500Sys001.png 50Mat007.png 50Mat022.png
Level 2 Collect 10 Mat047.png 5,000Sys001.png 100Mat007.png 100Mat022.png
Level 3 Collect 20 Mat047.png 7,500Sys001.png 200Mat007.png 200Mat022.png 30Mat033.png
Level 4 Collect 30 Mat047.png 10,000Sys001.png 300Mat007.png 300Mat022.png 30Mat032.png
Level 5 Collect 50 Mat047.png 15,000Sys001.png 400Mat007.png 400Mat022.png 30Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 100 Mat047.png 20,000Sys001.png 1,000Mat007.png 1,000Mat022.png BlankFlag.png

Hero of Scandinavia

Hero of Scandinavia
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Clear 3 Scandinavian Locations 10,000Sys001.png 3,000Mat001.png 50Mat008.png 300Mat022.png
Level 2 Clear 10 Scandinavian Locations 20,000Sys001.png 5,000Mat001.png 2Mat047.png 3Use0036.png
Level 3 Clear 15 Scandinavian Locations 30,000Sys001.png 8,000Mat001.png 600Mat022.png 3Use0047.png
Level 4 Clear 21 Scandinavian Locations 50,000Sys001.png 15,000Mat001.png 500Mat007.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Clear 31 Scandinavian Locations 80,000Sys001.png 20,000Mat001.png 3Mat047.png 1Use0020.png
Level 6 Clear 42 Scandinavian Locations 120,000Sys001.png 25,000Mat001.png 500Mat033.png
Level 7 Clear 52 Scandinavian Locations 180,000Sys001.png 40,000Mat001.png 100Mat002.png 1Use0026.png
Level 8 Clear 74 Scandinavian Locations 250,000Sys001.png 300Mat008.png 3Tok0032.png BlankFlag.png


Queen of Rice

Queen of Rice
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 200 Mat091.png 10,000Sys001.png 1Use0036.png
Level 2 Collect 300 Mat091.png 20,000Sys001.png 25Mat095.png
Level 3 Collect 1,200 Mat091.png 30,000Sys001.png 3Mat096.png
Level 4 Collect 3,000 Mat091.png 50,000Sys001.png 4Use0047.png
Level 5 Collect 8,000 Mat091.png 90,000Sys001.png 35Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 15,000 Mat091.png 140,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 7 Collect 30,000 Mat091.png 180,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 8 Collect 50,000 Mat091.png 250,000Sys001.png 80Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Shiitake Master

Shiitake Master
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat097.png 10,000Sys001.png 5,000Mat001.png
Level 2 Collect 200 Mat097.png 20,000Sys001.png 1Use0047.png
Level 3 Collect 300 Mat097.png 30,000Sys001.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 4 Collect 500 Mat097.png 45,000Sys001.png 30Mat095.png
Level 5 Collect 800 Mat097.png 60,000Sys001.png 5Mat096.png
Level 6 Collect 1,200 Mat097.png 80,000Sys001.png 1Use0020.png
Level 7 Collect 1,500 Mat097.png 100,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 8 Collect 2,000 Mat097.png 125,000Sys001.png 35Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Bamboo Bandit

Bamboo Bandit
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat094.png 10,000Sys001.png 1Use0047.png
Level 2 Collect 200 Mat094.png 20,000Sys001.png 30Mat095.png
Level 3 Collect 900 Mat094.png 30,000Sys001.png 5Mat096.png
Level 4 Collect 2,000 Mat094.png 50,000Sys001.png 1Use0020.png
Level 5 Collect 5,000 Mat094.png 100,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 10,000 Mat094.png 150,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 7 Collect 15,000 Mat094.png 200,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 8 Collect 20,000 Mat094.png 300,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Slimy Eel

Slimy Eel
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 10 Mat098.png 10,000Sys001.png 2Use0009.png
Level 2 Collect 20 Mat098.png 20,000Sys001.png 2Use0047.png
Level 3 Collect 60 Mat098.png 35,000Sys001.png 1Use0012.png
Level 4 Collect 100 Mat098.png 50,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 140 Mat098.png 70,000Sys001.png 1Use0020.png
Level 6 Collect 200 Mat098.png 90,000Sys001.png 1Mat047.png
Level 7 Collect 270 Mat098.png 120,000Sys001.png 1Mat092.png
Level 8 Collect 350 Mat098.png 150,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Shale Expert

Shale Expert
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat099.png 10,000Sys001.png 50Mat094.png
Level 2 Collect 200 Mat099.png 20,000Sys001.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 3 Collect 400 Mat099.png 40,000Sys001.png 1Use0027.png
Level 4 Collect 700 Mat099.png 70,000Sys001.png 30Mat095.png
Level 5 Collect 1,000 Mat099.png 100,000Sys001.png 5Mat096.png
Level 6 Collect 1,500 Mat099.png 150,000Sys001.png 50,000Mat001.png
Level 7 Collect 2,500 Mat099.png 200,000Sys001.png 4Tok0032.png
Level 8 Collect 3,000 Mat099.png 300,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Metal Head

Metal Head
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 50 Mat095.png 20,000Sys001.png 1Tok0032.png
Level 2 Collect 100 Mat095.png 50,000Sys001.png 5Mat096.png
Level 3 Collect 300 Mat095.png 80,000Sys001.png 3Use0047.png
Level 4 Collect 500 Mat095.png 120,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 5 Collect 900 Mat095.png 150,000Sys001.png 2Mat047.png
Level 6 Collect 1,500 Mat095.png 210,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 7 Collect 2,000 Mat095.png 280,000Sys001.png 2Mat092.png
Level 8 Collect 2,500 Mat095.png 350,000Sys001.png 60Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Bloody Gemstone

Bloody Gemstone
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 5 Mat092.png 30,000Sys001.png 100Mat094.png 1Use0036.png
Level 2 Collect 10 Mat092.png 60,000Sys001.png 3Mat047.png 1Use0047.png
Level 3 Collect 20 Mat092.png 90,000Sys001.png 30Mat095.png 5Mat096.png
Level 4 Collect 30 Mat092.png 120,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png 1Use0027.png
Level 5 Collect 50 Mat092.png 160,000Sys001.png 60Mat095.png 10Mat096.png
Level 6 Collect 80 Mat092.png 200,000Sys001.png 50,000Mat001.png 1Use0020.png
Level 7 Collect 140 Mat092.png 250,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png 1Use0026.png
Level 8 Collect 200 Mat092.png 350,000Sys001.png 100,000Mat001.png 100Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Green Gold

Green Gold
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 1 Mat093.png 35,000Sys001.png 2Mat047.png 1Use0036.png
Level 2 Collect 2 Mat093.png 70,000Sys001.png 30Mat095.png 5Mat096.png
Level 3 Collect 2 Mat093.png 100,000Sys001.png 2Mat092.png 1Use0047.png
Level 4 Collect 2 Mat093.png 130,000Sys001.png 20,000Mat001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 3 Mat093.png 200,000Sys001.png 60Mat095.png 1Use0020.png
Level 6 Collect 3 Mat093.png 250,000Sys001.png 10Mat096.png 1Use0026.png
Level 7 Collect 3 Mat093.png 350,000Sys001.png 3Mat092.png 3Mat047.png
Level 8 Collect 4 Mat093.png 450,000Sys001.png 150Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Hero of China

Hero of China
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Clear 3 China Locations 100,000Sys001.png 50,000Mat001.png 500Mat094.png 3Mat092.png
Level 2 Clear 6 China Locations 200,000Sys001.png 100,000Mat001.png 5Mat047.png 3Use0036.png
Level 3 Clear 10 China Locations 300,000Sys001.png 150,000Mat001.png 1,000Mat007.png 3Use0047.png
Level 4 Clear 15 China Locations 400,000Sys001.png 200,000Mat001.png 500Mat095.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 5 Clear 22 China Locations 500,000Sys001.png 250,000Mat001.png 5,000Mat094.png 100Mat096.png
Level 6 Clear 28 China Locations 600,000Sys001.png 300,000Mat001.png 5Mat092.png 2Use0020.png
Level 7 Clear 36 China Locations 750,000Sys001.png 500,000Mat001.png 200Mat002.png 2Use0026.png
Level 8 Clear 50 China Locations 1,000,000Sys001.png 200Mat096.png 8Tok0032.png BlankFlag.png


Seaweed Collector

Seaweed Collector
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 90 Mat144.png 30,000Sys001.png 2Use0036.png
Level 2 Collect 120 Mat144.png 50,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 3 Collect 300 Mat144.png 80,000Sys001.png 10Mat146.png
Level 4 Collect 650 Mat144.png 100,000Sys001.png 2Use0047.png
Level 5 Collect 1,000 Mat144.png 180,000Sys001.png 25Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 1,600 Mat144.png 280,000Sys001.png 2Mat143.png
Level 7 Collect 2,500 Mat144.png 360,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 8 Collect 4,000 Mat144.png 500,000Sys001.png 75Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Lobster Hunter

Lobster Hunter
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 50 Mat146.png 20,000Sys001.png 2Use0286.png
Level 2 Collect 100 Mat146.png 30,000Sys001.png 3Use0036.png
Level 3 Collect 150 Mat146.png 50,000Sys001.png + 5 Energy Drink
Level 4 Collect 200 Mat146.png 75,000Sys001.png 4Use0036.png
Level 5 Collect 250 Mat146.png 100,000Sys001.png 25Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 300 Mat146.png 150,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 7 Collect 350 Mat146.png 200,000Sys001.png 2Mat143.png
Level 8 Collect 500 Mat146.png 300,000Sys001.png 75Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Marble Master

Marble Master
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat145.png 45,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 2 Collect 150 Mat145.png 75,000Sys001.png 2Use0047.png
Level 3 Collect 300 Mat145.png 120,000Sys001.png 1Mat143.png
Level 4 Collect 750 Mat145.png 150,000Sys001.png 10Use0286.png
Level 5 Collect 1,200 Mat145.png 270,000Sys001.png 35Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 2,000 Mat145.png 420,000Sys001.png 4Use0047.png
Level 7 Collect 3,000 Mat145.png 540,000Sys001.png 3Mat143.png
Level 8 Collect 5,000 Mat145.png 750,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Volcanic Ore Miner

Volcanic Ore Miner
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat147.png 50,000Sys001.png 5Mat148.png
Level 2 Collect 150 Mat147.png 100,000Sys001.png 1Mat143.png
Level 3 Collect 350 Mat147.png 140,000Sys001.png 3Use0047.png
Level 4 Collect 750 Mat147.png 180,000Sys001.png 3Mat149.png
Level 5 Collect 1,000 Mat147.png 300,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 1,800 Mat147.png 450,000Sys001.png 3Mat143.png
Level 7 Collect 2,800 Mat147.png 600,000Sys001.png 5Use0047.png
Level 8 Collect 4,500 Mat147.png 800,000Sys001.png 90Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Black Pearl Picker

Black Pearl Picker
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 15 Mat149.png 50,000Sys001.png 10Mat148.png
Level 2 Collect 25 Mat149.png 100,000Sys001.png 3Use0047.png
Level 3 Collect 35 Mat149.png 180,000Sys001.png 2Mat143.png
Level 4 Collect 45 Mat149.png 260,000Sys001.png 5Use0047.png
Level 5 Collect 55 Mat149.png 350,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 75 Mat149.png 500,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 7 Collect 95 Mat149.png 600,000Sys001.png 2Use0026.png
Level 8 Collect 130 Mat149.png 800,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Titan's Eye

Titan's Eye
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 10 Mat143.png 50,000Sys001.png 1Tok0032.png 1Use0036.png
Level 2 Collect 20 Mat143.png 100,000Sys001.png 5Mat047.png 1Use0047.png
Level 3 Collect 30 Mat143.png 200,000Sys001.png 5Mat092.png 2Use0036.png
Level 4 Collect 40 Mat143.png 300,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png 2Use0047.png
Level 5 Collect 50 Mat143.png 400,000Sys001.png 50,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 70 Mat143.png 500,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png 3Use0036.png
Level 7 Collect 90 Mat143.png 700,000Sys001.png 10Mat092.png 10Mat047.png
Level 8 Collect 125 Mat143.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png 1Use0026.png BlankFlag.png

Hero of Atlantis

Hero of Atlantis
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Clear 2 Atlantean Locations 200,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 3Use0036.png + 4 Seashell Soups
Level 2 Clear 4 Atlantean Locations 300,000Sys001.png 5Mat092.png 5Mat047.png + 20 Sea Urchin Soups
Level 3 Clear 8 Atlantean Locations 500,000Sys001.png 2Mat143.png 3Use0047.png + 1 Chocolate Diggy
Level 4 Clear 13 Atlantean Locations 750,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 5Tok0032.png + 1 caviar
Level 5 Clear 20 Atlantean Locations 1,000,000Sys001.png 500,000Mat001.png 3Use0020.png + 1 Ice Energy Drink
Level 6 Clear 26 Atlantean Locations 1,500,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png 5Mat143.png + 1 Chocolate Drink
Level 7 Clear 34 Atlantean Locations 3,000,000Sys001.png 1,000,000Mat001.png 2Use0026.png 20Use0067.png
Level 8 Clear 46 Atlantean Locations 5,000,000Sys001.png 200Mat002.png 10Tok0032.png BlankFlag.png


Olive Branch

Olive Branch
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 150 Mat194.png 75,000Sys001.png 20Mat195.png
Level 2 Collect 300 Mat194.png 100,000Sys001.png 3Use0036.png
Level 3 Collect 500 Mat194.png 150,000Sys001.png 15Mat196.png
Level 4 Collect 750 Mat194.png 250,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 1000 Mat194.png 350,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 1250 Mat194.png 500,000Sys001.png 4Use0047.png
Level 7 Collect 1500 Mat194.png 750,000Sys001.png 2Mat197.png
Level 8 Collect 2000 Mat194.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 70Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Sour Face

Sour Face
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat195.png 75,000Sys001.png 30Mat194.png
Level 2 Collect 175 Mat195.png 100,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 3 Collect 250 Mat195.png 150,000Sys001.png 20Mat196.png
Level 4 Collect 350 Mat195.png 250,000Sys001.png 5Use0765.png
Level 5 Collect 500 Mat195.png 350,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 750 Mat195.png 500,000Sys001.png 4Use0047.png
Level 7 Collect 1000 Mat195.png 750,000Sys001.png 2Mat197.png
Level 8 Collect 1500 Mat195.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 70Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Tentacle Trap

Tentacle Trap
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 50 Mat196.png 75,000Sys001.png 3Use0765.png
Level 2 Collect 75 Mat196.png 100,000Sys001.png 50Mat194.png
Level 3 Collect 100 Mat196.png 150,000Sys001.png 35Mat195.png
Level 4 Collect 200 Mat196.png 250,000Sys001.png 2Use0047.png
Level 5 Collect 300 Mat196.png 350,000Sys001.png 35Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 450 Mat196.png 500,000Sys001.png 3Mat197.png
Level 7 Collect 600 Mat196.png 750,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 8 Collect 900 Mat196.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 75Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Timber of Gods

Timber of Gods
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat193.png 100,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 2 Collect 250 Mat193.png 175,000Sys001.png 20Mat198.png
Level 3 Collect 500 Mat193.png 250,000Sys001.png 1Mat197.png
Level 4 Collect 800 Mat193.png 350,000Sys001.png 5Use0765.png
Level 5 Collect 1250 Mat193.png 500,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 1750 Mat193.png 750,000Sys001.png 3Use0047.png
Level 7 Collect 2500 Mat193.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 3Mat197.png
Level 8 Collect 3500 Mat193.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Divine Metal

Divine Metal
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat198.png 100,000Sys001.png 5Mat199.png
Level 2 Collect 250 Mat198.png 175,000Sys001.png 5Mat193.png
Level 3 Collect 400 Mat198.png 250,000Sys001.png 2Use0047.png
Level 4 Collect 600 Mat198.png 350,000Sys001.png 2Mat197.png
Level 5 Collect 900 Mat198.png 500,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 1250 Mat198.png 750,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 7 Collect 1600 Mat198.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 4Mat197.png
Level 8 Collect 2000 Mat198.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Celestial Blue

Celestial Blue
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 10 Mat197.png 150,000Sys001.png 20Mat047.png 1Use0036.png
Level 2 Collect 20 Mat197.png 250,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 1Use0047.png
Level 3 Collect 30 Mat197.png 350,000Sys001.png 15Mat092.png 2Use0036.png
Level 4 Collect 50 Mat197.png 500,000Sys001.png 12Mat143.png 2Use0047.png
Level 5 Collect 70 Mat197.png 750,000Sys001.png 600,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 90 Mat197.png 1,000,0000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png 3Use0047.png
Level 7 Collect 120 Mat197.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 20Mat092.png 15Mat143.png
Level 8 Collect 150 Mat197.png 2,500,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png 1Use0026.png BlankFlag.png

Hero of Greece

Hero of Greece
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Clear 3 Locations 1,000,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 5Use0047.png 10Use0761.png
Level 2 Clear 5 Locations 1,250,000Sys001.png 25Mat002.png 20Mat092.png 90Mat194.png
Level 3 Clear 8 Locations 1,750,000Sys001.png 500,000Mat001.png 4Use0027.png 20Use0763.png
Level 4 Clear 13 Locations 2,500,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 15Mat143.png 90Mat195.png
Level 5 Clear 19 Locations 3,500,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png 3Use0020.png 20Use0765.png
Level 6 Clear 26 Locations 5,000,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png 5Mat197.png 40Mat196.png
Level 7 Clear 34 Locations 7,000,000Sys001.png 1,000,000Mat001.png 2Use0026.png 25Use0766.png
Level 8 Clear 119 Locations 30,000,000Sys001.png 200Mat002.png 25Mat197.png BlankFlag.png

New World

Be Corny!

Be Corny!
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 150 Mat271.png 100,000Sys001.png 30Mat272.png
Level 2 Collect 250 Mat271.png 150,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 3 Collect 400 Mat271.png 250,000Sys001.png 20Mat265.png
Level 4 Collect 600 Mat271.png 350,000Sys001.png 5Use3404.png
Level 5 Collect 850 Mat271.png 500,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 1150 Mat271.png 750,000Sys001.png 4Use0047.png
Level 7 Collect 1600 Mat271.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 2Mat235.png
Level 8 Collect 2000 Mat271.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 70Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Spice World

Spice World
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 200 Mat272.png 100,000Sys001.png 20Mat271.png
Level 2 Collect 250 Mat272.png 150,000Sys001.png 3Use0036.png
Level 3 Collect 350 Mat272.png 250,000Sys001.png 15Mat265.png
Level 4 Collect 500 Mat272.png 350,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
Level 5 Collect 650 Mat272.png 500,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 850 Mat272.png 750,000Sys001.png 4Use0047.png
Level 7 Collect 1100 Mat272.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 2Mat235.png
Level 8 Collect 1600 Mat272.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 70Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

The Jaws

The Jaws
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 50 Mat265.png 100,000Sys001.png 3Use3404.png
Level 2 Collect 100 Mat265.png 150,000Sys001.png 50Mat271.png
Level 3 Collect 150 Mat265.png 250,000Sys001.png 35Mat272.png
Level 4 Collect 250 Mat265.png 350,000Sys001.png 2Use0047.png
Level 5 Collect 350 Mat265.png 500,000Sys001.png 35Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 450 Mat265.png 750,000Sys001.png 3Mat235.png
Level 7 Collect 650 Mat265.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 8 Collect 1000 Mat265.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 75Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Mahogany Hoarder

Mahogany Hoarder
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 300 Mat266.png 175,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 2 Collect 400 Mat266.png 250,000Sys001.png 20Mat267.png
Level 3 Collect 500 Mat266.png 350,000Sys001.png 1Mat235.png
Level 4 Collect 700 Mat266.png 500,000Sys001.png 5Use3404.png
Level 5 Collect 900 Mat266.png 750,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 1150 Mat266.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 3Use0047.png
Level 7 Collect 1450 Mat266.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 3Mat235.png
Level 8 Collect 1750 Mat266.png 2,000,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Silver Sheen

Silver Sheen
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 100 Mat267.png 175,000Sys001.png 5Mat268.png
Level 2 Collect 140 Mat267.png 250,000Sys001.png 35Mat266.png
Level 3 Collect 280 Mat267.png 350,000Sys001.png 2Mat235.png
Level 4 Collect 420 Mat267.png 500,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
Level 5 Collect 700 Mat267.png 750,000Sys001.png 2Mat267.png
Level 6 Collect 1000 Mat267.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 7 Collect 1500 Mat267.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 3Mat235.png
Level 8 Collect 2200 Mat267.png 2,000,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 10 Mat235.png 300,000Sys001.png 10Mat047.png 10Mat143.png
Level 2 Collect 20 Mat235.png 500,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 500,000Mat001.png
Level 3 Collect 30 Mat235.png 700,000Sys001.png 10Mat092.png 10Mat197.png
Level 4 Collect 40 Mat235.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 2Use0027.png
Level 5 Collect 50 Mat235.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 20Mat047.png 20Mat143.png
Level 6 Collect 70 Mat235.png 2,000,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png 1,000,000Mat001.png
Level 7 Collect 90 Mat235.png 3,000,000Sys001.png 20Mat092.png 20Mat197.png
Level 8 Collect 125 Mat235.png 5,000,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png 1Use0026.png BlankFlag.png

Volcano Tears

Volcano Tears
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Collect 3 Mat270.png 200,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
Level 2 Collect 6 Mat270.png 300,000Sys001.png 10Mat269.png
Level 3 Collect 15 Mat270.png 500,000Sys001.png 3Use0047.png
Level 4 Collect 24 Mat270.png 700,000Sys001.png 6Mat268.png
Level 5 Collect 36 Mat270.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 45Mat002.png
Level 6 Collect 45 Mat270.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
Level 7 Collect 72 Mat270.png 2,000,000Sys001.png 4Mat235.png
Level 8 Collect 99 Mat270.png 2,500,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png BlankFlag.png

Hero of New World

Hero of New World
Level Requirement Reward
Level 1 Clear 8 Locations 1,250,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 5Use0047.png 10Use3409.png
Level 2 Clear 10 Locations 1,500,000Sys001.png 25Mat002.png 25Mat092.png 90Mat271.png
Level 3 Clear 12 Locations 2,250,000Sys001.png 750,000Mat001.png 4Use0027.png 20Use3406.png
Level 4 Clear 16 Locations 4,000,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 20Mat143.png 90Mat272.png
Level 5 Clear 20 Locations 5,000,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png 3Use0020.png 20Use3440.png
Level 6 Clear 24 Locations 7,000,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png 10Mat197.png 40Mat265.png
Level 7 Clear 30 Locations 15,000,000Sys001.png 1,500,000Mat001.png 2Use0026.png 25Use3405.png
Level 8 Clear 52 Locations 40,000,000Sys001.png 200Mat002.png 15Mat235.png Dec0995.png


Minty Freshness

Minty Freshness
Level Collect Reward
1 300Mat335.png 125,000Sys001.png 20Mat334.png
2 350Mat335.png 175,000Sys001.png 4Use0036.png
3 450Mat335.png 300,000Sys001.png 15Mat333.png
4 600Mat335.png 400,000Sys001.png 3Tok0032.png
5 750Mat335.png 600,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
6 1,000Mat335.png 850,000Sys001.png 4Use0047.png
7 1,200Mat335.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 2Mat329.png
8 2,000Mat335.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 70Mat002.png Dec1247.png
Total 6,650Mat335.png
5,200,000Sys001.png 20Mat334.png 4Use0036.png 15Mat333.png 3Tok0032.png 100Mat002.png 4Use0047.png 2Mat329.png Dec1247.png

Father of Alloys

Father of Alloys
Level Collect Reward
1 100Mat331.png 250,000Sys001.png 5Mat268.png
2 140Mat331.png 300,000Sys001.png 35Mat330.png
3 280Mat331.png 450,000Sys001.png 2Mat329.png
4 420Mat331.png 650,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
5 700Mat331.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 8Mat268.png
6 1,000Mat331.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
7 1,500Mat331.png 2,000,000Sys001.png 3Mat329.png
8 2,160Mat331.png 3,000,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png Dec1248.png
Total 6,300Mat331.png
8,900,000Sys001.png 13Mat268.png 35Mat330.png 5Mat329.png 125Mat002.png 5Tok0032.png Dec1248.png

(Don't) Be Starchy!

(Don't) Be Starchy!
Level Collect Reward
1 150Mat334.png 125,000Sys001.png 30Mat335.png
2 250Mat334.png 175,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
3 400Mat334.png 300,000Sys001.png 20Mat333.png
4 600Mat334.png 400,000Sys001.png 5Use5531.png
5 850Mat334.png 600,000Sys001.png 30Mat002.png
6 1,150Mat334.png 850,000Sys001.png 4Use0047.png
7 1,600Mat334.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 2Mat329.png
8 2,000Mat334.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 70Mat002.png Dec1249.png
Total 7,000Mat334.png
5,200,000Sys001.png 30Mat335.png 2Tok0032.png 20Mat333.png 5Use5531.png 100Mat002.png 4Use0047.png 2Mat329.png Dec1249.png

Arborist‘S Dream

Arborist‘S Dream
Level Collect Reward
1 300Mat330.png 250,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png
2 400Mat330.png 300,000Sys001.png 20Mat331.png
3 500Mat330.png 450,000Sys001.png 1Mat329.png
4 700Mat330.png 650,000Sys001.png 5Use5531.png
5 900Mat330.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
6 1,200Mat330.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 3Use0047.png
7 1,500Mat330.png 2,000,000Sys001.png 3Mat329.png
8 1,900Mat330.png 3,000,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png Dec1250.png
Total 7,400Mat330.png
8,900,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 20Mat331.png 4Mat329.png 5Use5531.png 125Mat002.png 3Use0047.png Dec1250.png

Big Fisher

Big Fisher
Level Collect Reward
1 50Mat333.png 125,000Sys001.png 3Use5531.png
2 100Mat333.png 175,000Sys001.png 50Mat335.png
3 150Mat333.png 300,000Sys001.png 35Mat334.png
4 250Mat333.png 400,000Sys001.png 2Use0047.png
5 350Mat333.png 600,000Sys001.png 35Mat002.png
6 450Mat333.png 850,000Sys001.png 3Mat329.png
7 600Mat333.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
8 1,000Mat333.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 75Mat002.png Dec1251.png
Total 2,950Mat333.png
5,200,000Sys001.png 3Use5531.png 50Mat335.png 35Mat334.png 2Use0047.png 110Mat002.png 3Mat329.png 5Tok0032.png Dec1251.png

Isn’t it Gneiss?

Isn’T It Gneiss?
Level Collect Reward
1 100Mat328.png 250,000Sys001.png 5Mat268.png
2 140Mat328.png 300,000Sys001.png 35Mat330.png
3 280Mat328.png 450,000Sys001.png 2Mat329.png
4 420Mat328.png 650,000Sys001.png 40Mat002.png
5 700Mat328.png 1,000,000Sys001.png 15Mat269.png
6 1,000Mat328.png 1,250,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png
7 1,500Mat328.png 2,000,000Sys001.png 3Mat329.png
8 2,160Mat328.png 3,000,000Sys001.png 85Mat002.png Dec1252.png
Total 6,300Mat328.png
8,900,000Sys001.png 5Mat268.png 35Mat330.png 5Mat329.png 125Mat002.png 15Mat269.png 5Tok0032.png Dec1252.png

Eyes of Night

Eyes of Night
Level Collect Reward
1 10Mat329.png 400,000Sys001.png 10Mat092.png 10Mat197.png
2 20Mat329.png 650,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 750,000Mat001.png
3 30Mat329.png 850,000Sys001.png 10Mat143.png 10Mat235.png
4 40Mat329.png 1,500,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 2Use0027.png
5 50Mat329.png 2,000,000Sys001.png 20Mat092.png 20Mat197.png
6 70Mat329.png 2,750,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png 1,250,000Mat001.png
7 90Mat329.png 4,000,000Sys001.png 20Mat143.png 20Mat235.png
8 125Mat329.png 7,000,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png 1Use0026.png Dec1253.png
Total 435Mat329.png
19,150,000Sys001.png 30Mat092.png 30Mat197.png 7Tok0032.png 2,000,000Mat001.png 30Mat143.png 30Mat235.png 150Mat002.png 2Use0027.png 1Use0026.png Dec1253.png

Hero of Terra

Hero of Terra
Level Clear Reward
1 8 Locations 1,500,000Sys001.png 2Tok0032.png 5Use0047.png 10Use5527.png
2 10 Locations 1,750,000Sys001.png 25Mat002.png 25Mat143.png 90Mat335.png
3 12 Locations 2,500,000Sys001.png 750,000Mat001.png 4Use0027.png 20Use5529.png
4 16 Locations 4,500,000Sys001.png 50Mat002.png 20Mat197.png 90Mat334.png
5 20 Locations 5,500,000Sys001.png 5Tok0032.png 3Use0020.png 20Use5547.png
6 24 Locations 7,500,000Sys001.png 100Mat002.png 10Mat235.png 40Mat333.png
7 30 Locations 16,000,000Sys001.png 1,500,000Mat001.png 2Use0026.png 25Use5532.png
8 40 Locations 45,000,000Sys001.png 200Mat002.png 10Mat329.png Dec1246.png
Total 160 Locations
84,250,000Sys001.png 7Tok0032.png 5Use0047.png 10Use5527.png 375Mat002.png 25Mat143.png 90Mat335.png 2,250,000Mat001.png 4Use0027.png 20Use5529.png 20Mat197.png 90Mat334.png 3Use0020.png 20Use5547.png 10Mat235.png 40Mat333.png 2Use0026.png 25Use5532.png 10Mat329.png Dec1246.png

Event Achievements

A list of all Event and Special Weeks Achievements. Follow the link under each trophy for details on Achievement level requirements and rewards for your specific Region.

Halloween Madness
Halloween 2012
Gingerbread Man
Christmas 2012
Chocolate Love
Valentine's day 2013
Easter 2013
Birthday Baker
Diggy's 1st Birthday
Djinn Collection
Arabian Nights
The Chained
Detective Stories
Piece of Mind
The Magisterium
Gold Flag Bearer
Adventurer of 2013
Silver Flag Bearer
Adventurer of 2013
Bronze Flag Bearer
Adventurer of 2013
Bad Breath
Halloween 2013
Autumn's Bliss
Ball Lightning
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2013
Red Velvet Kiss
Little Red Riding Hood
Bronze Medal Winner
Winter Games
Silver Medal Winner
Winter Games
Gold Medal Winner
Winter Games
Lucky Dog
St. Patrick's Day 2014
Chicken Dad
Easter 2014
Ostrich Dad
Easter 2014
Phoenix Dad
Easter 2014
Birthday Boy
Diggy's 2nd Birthday
Bronze Goalie
Brazil Cup
Silver Defender
Brazil Cup
Golden Forward
Brazil Cup
American Collector
Founding Fathers
Lord of the Rings
Red Rings
Idol Collector
The Jungle Book
Wyatt's Follower
Wild West
Wild West
Wild West
Fists of Steel
Sherlock's Assistant
Detective Stories II
The Hat Hunter
Halloween 2014
Arthur's Knight
Christmas Messenger
Christmas Postcards
Bronze Forester
Christmas 2014
Silver Forester
Christmas 2014
Golden Forester
Christmas 2014
Pearl Picker
Viva Las Vegas
Fists of Cold Steel
Winter Strongman
The Chaperone
Valentine 2015
Teal Tiger
Pink Puma
The Easter Bunny
Easter 2015
Spring Messenger
Spring Postcards
Mirror Mirror
Snow White
Floppy Disk
Diggy's 3rd Birthday
Alien Technician
Independence Day
Fists of Fiery Steel
Summer Strongman
Starfish Collector
Little Mermaid
Sharp Dressed Man
James Blond
Navigation Expert
Ghost Summoner
Halloween 2015
Workshop in a Pocket
The Sound of Christmas
Holiday Postcards
Christmas Carol
Christmas 2015
Ice Jeweler
Ice King
Fists of Icy Steel
Winter Strongman 2
Fairy Dust Collector
Meteor Mayhem
Beginning of Spring
Easter 2016
Sherwood Outlaw
Robin Hood
Summer Messenger
Summer Postcards
Diggy's 4th Birthday
Dinosaur Park
Time Keeper
Independence Day 2
Fists of Fire
Summer Strongman 2
Summer Games Winner
Summer Games
Eye of the Galaxy
Alien Mayhem
Autumn Messenger
Autumn Postcards
Private Detective
Detective Stories 3
Zombie Fluff
Halloween 2016
Time Hopping
Return To Tomorrow
Christmas Lights
Christmas 2016
Winter Lover
Ice Queen
Fists of Frosty Steel
Winter Strongman 3
Winter Messenger
Winter Postcards
Cupid's Scholar
Valentine 2017
African Shaman
Vace Entura
Night Shift
Night Museum
Easter Costume
Easter 2017
Game Designer
Diggy's 5th Birthday
Resistance Fighter
Galactic Wars
Vacation Messenger
Vacation Postcards
Scout's Honour
Scout Camp
Flaming Fists
Summer Strongman 3
Fossil Fan
Paleo Mayhem
Beachwatch Lifeguard
Globe Trotter
Around The World
Horror Filmmaker
Halloween 2017
Autumn Messenger 2
Autumn Postcards 2
Glamorous Christmas
Christmas 2017
Harsh Winter
Ice Prince
Lumberjack's Fists
Winter Strongman 4
Roboflorist in Love
Valentine 2018
Master of Board Games
Easter Traveller
Easter 2018
Movie Lover
Movie Madness
Tech Whiz
Diggy's 6th Birthday
Messenger of the Sun
Sunny Postcards
Space Fairy
Players Event
Baseball Pro
Baseball Blast
Pyramid Builder
Summer Builder
Captain Hook
Pirates 2
Bogwarts Student
Parry Hotter
Touch of Halloween
Halloween 2018
Santa's Messenger
Winter Warmth
Christmas 2018
Cold Beauty
Ice Princess
Viking Hall Builder
Winter Builder
Magically in Love
Valentine 2019
Human Moth's Superpower
Superheroes 2
Sound of Easter
Easter 2019
Space Lieutenant
Star Beasts
Mining Machine
Diggy's 7th Birthday
Seaside Messenger
Seaside Postcards
King of Hearts
Alice in Wonderland
Dr. Disaster's Superpower
Superheroes 3
Parthenon Builder
Summer Builder 2
Vampire's Bite
Players Event 2019
Lonesome Cowboy
Wild West 2
D&D Player
Halloween 2019
Autumn Messenger 3
Autumn Postcards 3
Pawsome Christmas
Christmas 2019
Wigging Out
Ice Marquess
Pagoda Builder
Winter Builder 2
Time for Love
Valentine 2020
Magnolias in Bloom
Easter Chic
Easter 2020
Spring Messenger 2
Spring Postcards 2
Birthday Song
Diggy's 8th Birthday
Evidence Collection
Detective Stories 4
Space Travel
Lighthouse Builder
Summer Builder 3
Summer Trip
Born to Be a Star
Players' Event 2020
Lord of the Crown
Pumpkin Messenger
Pumpkin Postcards
Vampire Hunter
Halloween 2020
Red Tongue
Green Tongue
Yellow Tongue
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