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Caravans are additional means of acquiring various materials in Diggy's Adventures. In order to use caravans players have to first purchase them, you can have up to 6 caravans in your camp. The prices of each caravan are listed here: Camp_Equipment_-_Extras


List of items acquirable with caravans

Caravan.PNG Name Qty Clock.PNG Mat001.png Qty Clock.PNG Mat001.png Qty Clock.PNG Mat001.png
Coin 20-45 0:05 30 90-150 2:00 100 - - -
Sugar 5 0:30 30 - - - - - -
Flour 5 0:30 30 - - - - - -
Lumber 1 0:30 50 3 2:00 150 10 8:00 500
Apple 8 0:30 25 20 2:00 75 50 8:00 250
Coal 1 0:30 100 3 2:00 300 10 8:00 1000
Stone 1 0:30 75 3 2:00 225 10 8:00 750
Experience Points 5000 12:00 4000 - - - - - -

Popular Caravan Strategies

Achievement Strategy

This strategy is the fastest way to finish the Caravan Skipper Achievement It is recommended to anyone who hasn't completed the achievement. The 5 minute option to send caravan for coins is the only one that is free (you usually break even, or earn a small sum of money). As you can see on the picture below, the caravans will bring back exactly the same number of coins that was invested in it (150).

Caravan 5 min.png

Coin Earning

For earning coins using the caravans, the 2 hour option is actually better. While the theoretical profit can be bigger from the 5-minute trip, also the risk is a lot higher. With 2-hour trips it's almost impossible to lose and usually you will be making profit. They are also good if you want to "set it and forget it" and still let it bring some small profits. The picture below illustrates the caravans earning the player 84 coins.

Caravan 2 h.png

Apple Strategy

Sending your caravans for apples is by far the most popular and the most optimal way of using them. Most high level players choose to send their beasts of burden for apples. The reason is simple - the coins used to pay the tax for the caravan would convert into a lot less experience than the apples do, in all time options.

Below you can see a set of caravans going for apples, using the 30 minute trip. The total cost in coins is 150. For this price you will get 48 apples, which translates into 960 experience when spent on the apple pillar. The downside to this strategy is that it relatively slow (1920 experience per hour, at the cost of 300 coins).

Caravan apples.png

Sugar & Flour

Cooking is one of the most important aspects of energy generation. Flour & Sugar are needed for most of the dishes, the best way to acquire more of them is to send a couple caravan runs for them.

Caravan sugar flour.png

Other (not recommended) strategies

  • Materials such as Lumber, Stone, Coal

Gathering materials via caravan is recommended only when a player is in dire need of them. For example when you need 3 stones for your next space in camp and all repeatables are currently on cooldown. Using this method to amass materials for longer periods of time will quickly make you go bankrupt. If you decide to use this method, 30 minute trips are recommended because they guarantee you 1 of the specific material.

  • Experience

There are couple examples of ways to convert your coins into experience in Diggy's Adventure. This way of gaining experience is, however, only recommended to high level players who know what they're doing and how much money they can throw away.

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