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Main Characters

Characters that appear throughout the story in all regions.

Diggerius A. Diggerson


Diggy's father is a veteran adventurer, accomplished archaeologist, expert ventriloquist and the head of the exclusive Club of Extraordinary Adventurers. He discovered his first ancient treasure while making sandcastles at the playground and could read and write in hieroglyphs before his first day of school. Now he mysteriously disappeared and it's up to Diggy to get to the bottom of what appears to be the greatest adventure of his life.



Hey! My name is Diggy and let me tell you that digging is not easy. I am the one doing all the hard work here!



Linda is our beauty. While we are working hard, she takes care of camp while smiling all day long. Also she is D.A.D.'s assistent and she knows a thing or two about his work and adventures.

Parachute Perry

Parachute Perry.png

Perry is the best pilot that ever flew an airplane...well, at least the best who never attended flight school. His passion has always been flying - first he flew paper airplanes, then he flew wooden airplane models, then he tried to fly with a pair of home-made cardboard wings...then he tried it again after he got released from the hospital and then he flew - an actual airplane. Nobody knows how it happened, but it assured Perry that flight school is only for the untalented, just as safe landings are only something for cowards!



Professor is a true brain worker. Actually we have no idea what is he's talking about.



Practical home appliance with some extra features like fun making, anything holding, heavy things moving and unstoppable grumbling. That's our Robot and we really love him.

Uncle Rob Diggster


Diggy's uncle Diggster is a mixed sort. On one side he is a capable adventurer and the vice-president of the Club of Extraordinary Adventurers, capable of taking down a charging bear only with the power of his fabulous mustache, but's hard being number one, when your brother is the incredible Diggerius. Always in his brother's shadow - he became the black sheep of the family, always rebelling and doing all sorts of mischief. So when you meet him, he'll probably be up to no good as usual. But hey, family is family.

By the way, can you guess his favorite song?

Rob likes two things in life - monkeys and money. Mostly money though, because it's easier to buy monkeys with money than money with monkeys. And now he wants to find both in Egypt. He's pretty clear on how to make money - Egypt has a lot of sand and he figured the best way to make money will be with water so he wants to build a giant dam with the help of high-tech laser devices and some old-school manual labor. And he just can't find qualified manual labor... or monkeys.




Akhnaton is a politician who has big plans! He doesn't run for governor, he doesn't run for a senator, he doesn't even run for the president! He runs for pharaoh! What he apparently doesn't realize is, that there has been no pharaoh for almost two thousand years. It seems as if nobody wants to tell him the news. Well, he is a stubborn fellow so who knows, if that would really slow him down.

Amasi the Gardener


Amasi is a lover not a fighter. His father was a hardened war hero and wanted his son to be a mighty warrior just like him but Amasi was a rebel spirit. Though 'rebel spirit' in this case didn't mean a leather jacket, piercings and wild parties. In his case it was poetry, cooking and flowers... lots and lots of flowers. To the disappointment of his father he became a gardener in the service of Luxor's ruler, where he came to know the cold and unapproachable Princess. And people started talking that the Princess seems no longer as cold as she did before...

Assistant Johnny


Caravan Keeper




Fakir Cyrothep

Fakir Cyrothep.png

Hepu the Merchant


Madame Bunefer

Madame Bunefer.PNG



The metallurgist is an older man. People often say that he wasn't lucky in love. Well, the rumors say that once he fell in love with a cook from the nearby kitchen, but as she let him down, he wasn't ready to hand over his heart again. Ever since then, this man stayed alone in his foundry, loving the work with metals and alloys more than anything else.

Mr. Bill

Mr Bill.png

Mr. Focus

Mr Focus.png

Mysterious Old Man

Old Man.png

Palace Guard


Priestess of Bastet


Priestess of Horus

Priestess Horus.png

Priestess of Sobek


Priestess of Thoth


Priest of Anubis


Priest of Isis

Priest Isis.png



The pretty daughter of Luxor's ruler resides high above the town and out of sight of ordinary townsfolk. Usually only entering and winning beauty contests all over Egypt, she is kept as a jewel by her father. Only a few people get to see her, fewer still ever get to talk to her and most of them agree that the princess is a spoiled girl that only cares about her looks. But who knows, maybe there is a special someone who got to know her better and maybe even awoke the princesses' feelings...

Ramses the Assistant


Red Guard


Ruler of Luxor

Ruler of Luxor.PNG

Siti the Musician


Siti is the epitome of the modern musician - tone deaf, can't read musical notes, singing isn't exactly her strength, and all of her musical instruments are more or less just over sized fashion accessories. Yet she is extremely successful, her band 'The Hurricane Harps' is touring all over Egypt and she is nominated for a Golden Hathor award. Well, it seems music doesn't matter that much when you've got other 'strengths'.

Sneferu's Family

Sneferus Family.png

Sneferu's Son

Sneferus Son.png

Sneferu's Wife


Suhad The Merchant

Suhad The Merchant.png

People in Luxor have been talking much about Suhad the merchant recently, due to numerous affairs he had. Some called him a thief, some claimed that he was just too unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, the merchant is innocent until proven guilty. But the situation at the Camel Stables was strange enough...

Teacher Ahmes

Teacher Ahmes.png

Thutmos the Guard / Menhet The Guard

Thutmos the Guard.png



How did Vladimir the Mummy become a part of Diggy's Adventure? Well, he was an exchange student from Siberia who loved to jump around. One time he got drunk with students of the Mummification University and gave his body for experiments. Then somebody closed him in a coffin and that's where he was found by Diggy's father.


Vladimir's Bride.PNG

Virides the Rogue

Virides the Rogue.png










Ellen Connordottir


Skadi's chosen, the priestess Ellen Connordottir is an unmatched outdoor specialist and one really, really tough cookie. She loves long treks through Scandinavian wilderness. The only thing she takes with her is her trusty bow and she usually returns a week or four later. With a full quiver, some new shoes, more fish that the people of Fjordheim can eat in a week ... and a new bear-rug. Or two. Snaedis is her nickname and she was already born with blue hair. She became a Priestess thanks to Skadi who was impressed with her archery skills!

Freya's Battle Sister




Bloodthirsty lumbering brutes of fiery temper, feared by all and set to to eat every human that crosses their path! - Well, that's at least what the people of Fjordheim think of this almost mythical folk, living in the mountain caves of Scandinavia. Yet is this really so?

Bumbo the Giant




Little did her parents know when they gave their daughter the name Goldie, how fitting it would be. Mainly because Goldie loves two things in life: gold and gold. Ok, that's only one thing but she loves it quite a lot. At least she knows her way around the local mineral deposits, so maybe Diggy should pay her a visit. We now know she's a princess from the German Labsburg Monarchy that run away from her arranged marriage with the boring German Rufus!





Gunnar's strong muscles, sharp axe and fierce look have earned him the reputation of being the strongest warrior in Fjordheim. The only problem is, that when you ask people if they've already seen him in a fight, then they just can't recall if they ever did. Gunnar has always a good excuse why he can't join the fray. Let's see if Diggy will hear some original ones, or will Gunnar just stay with his tried 'I'm watching your back' routine.

Hannewald / Hani


There is only one thing Hannewald wants - to be a mighty viking!! To sail the northern seas with his trusty long-ship, hold a sharp axe in his hand and slay evil dragons...or at least really large snakes. But right now he can't lift nothing more than a wooden sword, friends are constantly making fun of him and everybody calls him Hani. Well...let's just say he's got a long way ahead of him.

Hel's Necromancer




Unpredictable nature, love of practical jokes and countless tricks hidden under his moustache. Who other could be Loki's favourite if not Narfi? His lack of face expressions - reduced only to an evil grin - made him the unmatched winner of Fjordheim's poker championship. With just a slight aid of aces hidden in his sleeves.

Njord's Sailor


Odin's Scholar



Jarl Olaf.png

Olaf is ...*erhm... was a mighty warrior in his younger years. Heroic tales have been told and epic ballads have been sung about his deeds and exploits but nobody is getting any younger and that goes for Olaf as well. Now he is the ruler of Fjordheim; sharing the wisdom he acquired during his adventurous years... and boring everybody with all the tales they have already heard countless times.



Thor's Warrior





Monk of Wood

Wood Monk.png

Miscellaneous Characters

These characters are worth mentioning but are not part of the main quest lines.



Horatio is an egg. An enormous egg. But he wasn't quite okay with the career of an enormous omelet so he rather chose the career of a painter. And no ordinary painter at that - he only paints eggs and doesn't show them off in a gallery. No. He rather hides them in a garden and if you want to take a look them, you have to find them first. And he paints himself of course. Not auto-portraits, but literally himself. ...Who said that make-up is not art?

Jingles the Elf


Jingles is an odd sort of elf. Never very handy in creating toys, no good around Christmas reindeer and with no sense for practical jokes. So he became a burgeoning entrepreneur with special Christmas goods!!

Timotey the Snowman


The average snowman usually prefers cold weather a fair share of snow and a nice spot where he can hang out in peace. Timotey though is not your average snowman. He just loves to travel and not just anywhere but to the hottest places around! Not very safe for a snowman but Timotey made a deal to act as Santa's helper and therefore is protected by a breeze of winter magic. Or just really good snow cannons!

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