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Events, in general 
A time-limited series of quests telling a short story. Each event has its own treasure, achievement, materials and (often) unique recipes. All events are organized below based on when they were first released (most recent listed first).
When available 
They are accessible to players who have completed the first quest in Isis (Egypt). Event items are usually available in the shop for one week after the event ends. Recipes can be cooked in the Kitchen during the event and after the event ends. Unused event tokens can used in any future release of the event or be sold through a salesman, who appears in the Camp sporadically throughout the year.
Re-released & Shop Events 
At times earlier events are available to play again for free (via the Sale tab in WebGl or special icon on Mobile). In addition, many events are available for purchase in the Shop. When replaying an event, maps are reset, mine clearance bonus (experience) is multiplied by 10 and minor changes may be made (items/tiles/camp items may be added/improved). Achievements will not reset when replaying an event. Event treasure pieces previously obtained will be replaced in the replayed event with an experience bonus. You will have 28 days to complete these events. Use the Filter in the list below to select Shop Events.
Special Weeks 
There are two types of special weeks: (1) Ones with playable content Red Rings, Postcards, Builder, and (2) Ones that enhance certain game features (e.g., Double Materials, Double Production, Double Gifting, Grid Unlock Discount).
These weeks take place between events or during the final weeks of a current event. The ones with playable content are accessible to players based on region. Details HERE

Events and Special Weeks

To filter Events, use either the 'toggle' OnToggle.png to hide Event types, or click SoloOff.png to see only that Event type.

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Segmented Event Event is Segmented.
Segmented Camp Equipment Segmented Equipment.
Special Week One Week Special.Click to Show these EventsClick to Hide these EventsSolo these EventsCancel SoloSolo these Events

'Until further notice' Events marked with On Sale for 100 Gems will be on sale for 100 gems



Currently all 2015 and older events cost 100 Mat002.png'


  • gems from achievements are only rewarded the first time you play any event.
  • Events sorted on nett cost in gems played first time.

Year Event Name Cost Total Tiles Total Req Energy Total XP Bonus Highest Regen Item Highest Cap Item Rare Materials
2016 Christmas 2016 500 Gem(Small).png 23,087 8,638,809 8,616,800 210 per slot [max: 3] (2x1, +210, Gem Ornament) [lvl 75] 1750 per slot [max: 3] (2x1, +1750, Gem Christmas Tree) [lvl 75] 1xSapphire.png, 8xTopaz.png, 40x Ruby.png, 49x Amethyst(Small).png, 126x Gem(Small).png
2016 Halloween 2016 500 Gem(Small).png 8,394 1,003,189 1,012,000 155 per slot [max: 4] (2x1, +155, Zombie Actor Will) [lvl Greece], check event for other regions. 1000 per slot [max: 3] (3x1, +1000, Zombie Hairdresser) [lvl Greece], check event for other regions. 1xTopaz.png, 3x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png, 26x Gem(Small).png
2016 Independence Day 2 500 Gem(Small).png 7,550 950,767 945,000 140 per slot [max: 4] (3x1, +140, Timelord's Clock) [lvl 80] 750 per slot [max: 4] (3x1, +750, Red Acoustic Guitar) [lvl 80] 2xTopaz.png, 3x Ruby.png, 4x Amethyst(Small).png, 11x Gem(Small).png
2016 Diggy's 4th Birthday 500 Gem(Small).png 7,320 1,000,195 989,000 235 per slot [max: 3] (2x1, +235, Birthday Panda) [lvl 70] 1700 per slot [max: 3] (2x1, +1700, Birthday Beaver) [lvl 70] 1xTopaz.png, 3x Ruby.png, 6x Amethyst(Small).png
2016 Easter 2016 500 Gem(Small).png 8,363 1,043,365 1,038,500 134 per slot [max: ?] (2x1, +134, Hatched Lily Of The Valle) [lvl 90] 730 per slot [max: ?] (2x1, +730, Lily Rain Boot) [lvl 85] 2xTopaz.png, 5x Ruby.png, 5x Amethyst(Small).png
2016 Cinderella (Valentine's Day 2016) 500 Gem(Small).png 7,225 668,330 795,000 125 per slot [max: 3] (4x1, +125, Mariel's Mermaid Tail) [lvl 115] 575 per slot [max: 3] (2x1, +575, Milen's Slipper) [lvl 101] 1xTopaz.png, 2x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png, 7x Gem(Small).png
2015 Christmas 2015 500 Gem(Small).png 22,076 4,107,149 4,114,100 155 per slot [max: 5] (2x1, +155, Reindeer Ornament) [lvl 85] 900 per slot [max: 5] (2x1, +900, Hay Ornament) [lvl 85] 2xTopaz.png, 6x Ruby.png, 15x Amethyst(Small).png, 322x Gem(Small).png, 2x Green Ring.png
2015 Halloween 2015 500 Gem(Small).png 9,720 1,425,658 1,741,110 131 per slot [max: 3] (2x1, +131, Creepy Doll in Pink) [lvl 90] 650 per slot [max: 3] (3x1, +650, Halloween Marionette) [lvl 80] 1xTopaz.png, 3x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png
2015 Independence Day 500 Gem(Small).png 8,754 1,787,745 1,773,000 136 per slot [max: 2] (2x1, +136, Alien Power Source) [lvl 80] 680 per slot [max: 4] (2x1, +680, Cryogenic Sleep Chamber) [lvl 83] 2xTopaz.png, 14xRuby.png, 24xAmethyst(Small).png 44xGem(Small).png
2015 Diggy's 3rd Birthday 500 Gem(Small).png 8,541 639,880 616,000 130 per slot [max: 2] (2x1, +130, Starry Party Hat) [lvl 120] 670 per slot [max: 1] (2x1, +670, Yellow Birthday Gift) [lvl 120] 2xTopaz.png, 3xRuby.png, 4xAmethyst(Small).png, 46xGem(Small).png
2015 Easter 2015 500 Gem(Small).png 9,606 1,389,849 1,382,000 135 per slot [max: 5] (2x2, +270, Small Easter Dinosaur) [lvl 98] 750 per slot [max: 3] (3x1, +750, Brown Easter Plant) [lvl 104] 1xTopaz.png, 23xRuby.png, 23xAmethyst(Small).png, 47xGem(Small).png
2015 Valentine 2015 500 Gem(Small).png 5,305 468,152 468,800 120 per slot [max: 2] (3x2, +240, Juliet Costume) [lvl 130] 800 per slot [max: 4] (3x2, +1600, Romeo Costume) [lvl 115] 1x Topaz.png, 2x Ruby.png, 2x Amethyst(Small).png, 5x Gem(Small).png
2014 Christmas 2014 500 Gem(Small).png 14,908 722,007 722,000 115 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +230, Candy Cane Coffee) [lvl 125] 600 per slot [max: 3] (2x1, +600, Striped Christmas Candy Cane) [lvl 120] 2x Topaz.png, 2x Ruby.png, 5x Amethyst(Small).png, 48x Gem(Small).png
2014 Halloween 2014 500 Gem(Small).png 5,476 366,498 364,000 120 per slot [max: 2] (3x3, +360, Topaz Gargoyle) [lvl 130] 650 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +1300, Green Mushroom) [lvl 115] 2x Topaz.png, 3x Ruby.png, 4x Amethyst(Small).png, 19x Gem(Small).png, 1x Green Ring.png
2014 Wild West 2014 500 Gem(Small).png 5,307 340,750 336,500 130 per slot [max: 5] (2x3, +260, Blue Water Tower) [lvl 113] 670 per slot [max: 6] (2x3, +2010, Omnibus Two Horses) [lvl 92] 1x Topaz.png, 3x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png, 9x Gem(Small).png
2014 The Jungle Book 500 Gem(Small).png 5,421 372,406 366,200 110 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +220, Jungle Tribe King) [lvl 120] 540 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +1080, Jungle Orchid) [lvl 125] 3x Ruby.png, 2x Amethyst(Small).png, 10x Gem(Small).png
2014 Founding Fathers 500 Gem(Small).png 5,738 315,079 311,900 100 per slot [max: 1] (2x2, +200, Liberty Bell - Ruby) [lvl 140] 600 per slot [max: 1] (2x3, +1800, Ruby Desk) [lvl 130] 3x Ruby.png, 5x Amethyst(Small).png, 16x Gem(Small).png
2014 Brazil Cup 2014 500 Gem(Small).png 5,840 373,349 375,000 150 per slot [max: 4] (1x2, +150, Linda's Football Trophy) [lvl 105] 700 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +1400, Winged Football Shoes) [lvl 120] 1x Topaz.png, 1x Ruby.png, 6x Amethyst(Small).png, 9x Gem(Small).png
2014 Diggy's 2nd Birthday 250 Gem(Small).png 3,401 309,742 248,500 100 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +200, Birthday Pickaxe - Ruby) [lvl 113] 600 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +1200, Birthday Cart - Ruby) [lvl 119] 6x Ruby.png, 6x Amethyst(Small).png, 65x Gem(Small).png, 1x Green Ring.png
2014 Easter 2014 500 Gem(Small).png 5,087 327,209 328,250 91 per slot [max: 1] (2x2, +182, Easter Strongman - Ruby) [lvl 124] 540 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +1080, Ruby Egg-Cart) [lvl 132] 3x Ruby.png, 4x Amethyst(Small).png, 6x Gem(Small).png
2014 St. Patrick's Day 2014 500 Gem(Small).png 5,401 331,909 328,200 110 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +220, Lucky Hat - Ruby) [lvl 130] 600 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +1200, Pot of Gold - Ruby) [lvl 108] 4x Ruby.png, 9x Amethyst(Small).png, 2x Gem(Small).png
2014 Winter Games 500 Gem(Small).png 5,661 204,474 206,000 90 per slot [max: 1] (2x3, +270, Amethyst Ice Resurfacer) [lvl 120] 420 per slot [max: 2] (3x1, +420, Golden Curling Equipment) [lvl 105] 1x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png, 2x Gem(Small).png
2014 Little Red Riding Hood 250 Gem(Small).png 2,155 70,947 72,000 66 per slot [max: 1] (2x2, +132, Red Riding Hood's Basket) [lvl 92] 235 per slot [max: 2] (3x2, +470, Gem Puppet Show) [lvl 55] 1x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png
2013 Christmas 2013 500 Gem(Small).png 8,141 294,841 298,500 108 per slot [max: 2] (2x1, +108, Gingerbread Tree - Ruby) [lvl 125] 550 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +1100, Poisonous Mushroom - Ruby) [lvl 115] 2x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png, 30x Gem(Small).png
2013 Thanksgiving 250 Gem(Small).png 3,746 157,741 158,500 69 per slot [max: 1] (2x1, +69, Red Dreamcatcher) [lvl 98] 475 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +950, Indian Totem - Ruby) [lvl 112] 2x Ruby.png, 6x Amethyst(Small).png, 3x Gem(Small).png
2013 Halloween 2013 500 Gem(Small).png 4,512 187,539 188,100 72 per slot [max: 1] (2x2, +144, Diggula's Double Terror - Gem) [lvl 116] 390 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +780, Luxury Diggula's Coffin) [lvl 103] 3x Ruby.png, 2x Amethyst(Small).png, 6x Gem(Small).png
2013 Adventurer of 2013 500 Gem(Small).png 3,665 203,717 204,200 110 per slot [max: 1] (2x3, +330, Adventurer's Motorcycle) [lvl 98] 600 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +1200, Adventurer's Table) [lvl 90] 2x Ruby.png, 9x Amethyst(Small).png, 20x Gem(Small).png
2013 The Magisterium 500 Gem(Small).png 6,531 222,243 192,500 111 per slot [max: 1] (2x2, +222, Vitruvian Diggy - Ruby) [lvl 120] 533 per slot [max: 1] (1x3, +1600, Kryptex - Ruby) [lvl 100] 1x Ruby.png, 4x Amethyst(Small).png 11x Gem(Small).png
2013 Detective Stories 500 Gem(Small).png 5,286 158,154 156,000 34 per slot [max: 2] (4x2, +68, Gem Decorative Cupboard) [lvl 54] 140 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +280, Gem Globe) [lvl 34] 3x Amethyst(Small).png 8x Gem(Small).png
2013 Arabian Nights 500 Gem(Small).png 6,655 161,478 164,000 40 per slot [max: 1] (3x5, +200, Arabian Market) [lvl 40] 210 per slot [max: 2] (2x2, +420, Aladdin's Lamp) [lvl 45] 3x Amethyst(Small).png 3x Gem(Small).png
2013 Diggy's 1st Birthday 500 Gem(Small).png 3,503 112,729 116,000 42.5 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +85, Birthday Gift Maker) [lvl 39] 200 per slot [max: 6] (3x1, +200, Birthday Tree) [lvl 36] 5x Amethyst(Small).png 21x Gem(Small).png
2013 Easter 2013 250 Gem(Small).png 3,897 120,563 112,700 87.5 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +175, Ruby Egg) [lvl 103] 435 per slot [max: 1] (3x1, +435, Easter Tree - Ruby) [lvl 120] 2x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png 4x Gem(Small).png
2013 Valentine's Day 2013 250 Gem(Small).png 2,503 164,933 164,000 71 per slot [max: 1] (2x2, +142, Valentine Fountain) [lvl 105] 420 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +840, Valentine Arch) [lvl 85] 1x Ruby.png, 2x Amethyst(Small).png, 9x Gem(Small).png
2012 Christmas 2012 250 Gem(Small).png 2,151 40,317 41,300 72.5 per slot [max: 1] (3x2, +145, Gingerbread Reindeer) [lvl 120] 305 per slot [max: 1] (2x2, +610, Advent Wreath) [lvl 76] 1x Ruby.png, 3x Amethyst(Small).png
2012 Halloween 2012 250 Gem(Small).png 1,866 43,877 43,900 67 per slot [max: 2] (2x1, +67, Green Skull Column) [lvl 91] 437.5 per slot [max: 1] (2x2, +875, Scary Green Skull) [lvl 118] 1x Ruby.png, 4x Amethyst(Small).png

ALL SHOP EVENTS (listed from new to old)

  • this list is up to date as of 25 February 2020)

In general the newest events have the best equipment.Click on pictures for details.

click for details
Love blooms on Valentine's Day! Well, not between Florian and Petunia, two quarreling florists who can't seem to bury the hatchet. Can an evil adversary and a common goal bring them together in the end?

click for details
The magical time of Christmas is here and Fairy Godmother can't wait to share her holiday cheer. So grab your pickaxe and fly away, on a quest to bring Christmas into famous fairy tales!

click for details
On the spooky day of Hallows' Eve, famous monsters jumped out of their movie posters to wreak havoc in our world! Can you find a way to get them back where they belong?

click for details
It's time to celebrate Diggy's 5th birthday! Can you find the missing new game designer and solve all the issues to get to the party in time?

click for details
Diggy and Ethnologist Ed were celebrating Easter customs around the world when they stumbled onto a giant, mysterious Easter egg. What happens when a giant Bunny Kong hatches from it?

click for details
Valentine's Day is almost here and Cupid is in big trouble. Help him bring iconic soulmates together before he runs out of time!

click for details
Christmas - the most magical time of the year - is almost here, and the only thing Grump's niece Grumpette is wishing for is to become an elf. Surely this will be the best Christmas yet! Or will it...

click for details
Watch out, this year's Halloween is creeping up on you and zombies are trailing right behind. Join Diggy and a team of famous zombie slayers to stop the outbreak.

click for details
Help Timelord and travel back in time to stop an evil villain from destroying important events in the American history!

click for details
Who would Diggy be if he wasn't a miner? A rift in our world opened a window into alternative dimensions. Meet Diggy's alter ego's end catch his evil twin before he becomes unstoppable !

click for details
Easter is in full bloom, but from the depths of the prehistoric past, an evil snowman rises and threatens to destroy it all. Join the news reporter April and an army of cute animals to save the day.

click for details
Magic, helpful animals and a royal ball. This Valentine's day, help Cinderella escape the evil clutches of her stepmother and find the love of her life.

click for details
It's that merry time of the year again, full of Christmas cheer, children eager to unwrap their first Christmas present and families spending the holidays together... but not this one. Little Kelvin was left home alone and two dangerous robbers might just be after him. Can he stop them?

click for details
It's that spooky time of the year again, and this time Diggy will find himself surrounded by evil ghosts. To defeat a powerful enemy and save the world, who you gonna call? Ghost hunters!

click for details
Aliens are threatening our planet, kidnapping people left and right and stealing dogs. With a little help from well-known TV and movie characters, join Diggy in his quest to defeat the evil Alien Queen.

click for details
It's Diggy is celebrating his slightly delayed 3rd anniversary and you're finally invited! A slice of delicious cake, confetti, a party with his friends and family and a stolen computer code (definitely the reason why the update came later than expected). Join in on the fun and help Diggy find all the missing pieces scattered in other, well-known video games.

click for details
Easter is here yet again! The sun is shining a bit brighter, everything is turning green and merry bunnies and chicken frolic on the fresh spring grass. Except...there are no merry bunnies and chicken to be found! Where are they? What are those suspicious weasels up to? And why are egg prices through the roof? Well - it's up to Diggy to find out!

click for details
The largest diamond in the world - the fabled Pink Puma is being displayed in Paris and only one thing is certain - the notorious diamond thief calling himself The Phantom will surely try to steal it. Team up with inspector Jaques Closet and enjoy posh parties, wild car chases and a cozy insane asylum. Just try not to end-up there yourself with the fumbling inspector by your side

click for details
A tale of two star-crossed lovers in a city divided between their feuding families, where everything conspires against them. Will their love thrive, or will it be smashed to a million pieces? Find out with Diggy in the most iconic love story of all times!

click for details
The magical time of Christmas approaches - the nights are long, people are smiling, animals are preparing for the winter and children are happily chipping away at their advent calendars awaiting Santa. But one thing is missing - where are snowflakes? The chilly cold? The merry snowmen? Something is amiss and it's up to Diggy to find out what!!!

click for details
Take up arms and accept your invitation to joint the Knights of the Round Table! Fancy new quests from the world of Arthurian legend await you - don't let Excalibur rust away in a stone forever!

click for details
The thirteenth hour draws closer and a full moon is near. A shudder of terror a quiver of fear! The pumpkin terror is here once more, so if you're easily scared best bar your door. ... It's Halloween again so get your brooms out of the closet and fly around with some of the most witchy witches under the dark night sky!

click for details
Diggy yet again embarks on a detective adventure extraordinaire! A series of mysterious murders stalks the land and it is rumored that even the great Sherlock Homeless has picked an interest in this special case. Will Diggy find out who this sinister perpetrator is? Well ... It'll surely be elementary dear Diggson!

click for details
Yeehaw - the Wild West awaits! The 'Sinister Siblings' bandit trio is on the loose and it seems that no one can stop them. Pull out your snake skin boots and buckle up - it's time for Diggy to catch horses, fight ruthless outlaws, foil a train robbery and put and end to the rampage!

click for details
Welcome to the jungle! Open the Jungle Book, meet Mowgli, Bagheera or Baloo and explore the eventful rain forests full of exotic plants, dangerous animals and precious idol statues. But beware: a greater danger than the feared Sher-Khan haunts the jungle! Are you ready to stop it?

click for details
The mysterious Magisterium of Knowledge contacted Diggy once again with an important task and he already knows what that means: racing the evil Black Sun cultists to historical artifacts of great value and even greater power. And this time he will dig through the hidden history of the United States of America. Don't miss it!

click for details
Diggy packed his bags and went to Brazil - but not only to enjoy the beautiful beaches and exotic fruits - but to take part in the famous Brazil Cup, where football teams from across the planet gather to see which one can win the acclaimed trophy. Let's see what Brazil has to offer!

click for details
Time flies when you're digging like a machine - Diggy's turned two years old! Join the celebration as his friends and family have all gathered to wish him well. And it wouldn't be a proper Diggy celebration without special fun challenges and a plethora of gifts!

click for details
Easter is here and brings along eggs, bunnies, eggs and then some more eggs! Ever celebrated Easter on the Easter Island? Meet Horatio the Easter egg from last year, the shifty Al Rabbitone and embark on a journey you won't soon forget!

click for details
Party like you're Irish! St. Patrick's Day is here and you know what it means - shamrocks, parades, lots of green and a lot of celebrating! Don't let Diggy stand by - help out the worried Leprechaun and join in on the fun!

click for details
The time has come! Diggy’s passion for sports will be finally fulfilled in the Winter Games Event! Conquer all of the sporting quests, help Diggy make it to the podium and enjoy the great rewards that await you.

click for details
One of the world's most classical fairy-tales comes to Diggy's Adventure - be a hero and help the Little Red Riding Hood as she unwittingly stumbles across the dangerous Big Bad Wolf.

click for details
Here comes the special time of the year again, when families get together, homes smell of tasty treats and loving gifts paint smiles on every face. Enjoy a little piece of this holiday magic and help Santa out. Maybe he'll need you more than you think, since the evil Grump is in town!

click for details
Relive the heart-warming tale of how the Native Americans helped the pilgrims when they arrived at the shores of America.

click for details
The October fog is descending and strange trees creak in the distance as the night approaches ... suddenly the lights flicker and a tall shadow falls over Diggy's doorstep - who is this mysterious stranger and what does he want?

click for details
It's here - the annual competition that decides who's the best adventurer of the season!

click for details
Europe's mysteries await! Embark on a journey through the largest cities of Europe, dive deep into their mysteries, and find the fabled 'Spear of Destiny'!

click for details
Experience the thrill of classic detective mysteries with the world famous Hercule Merlot! Help him solve a jewelry robbery, murders on a steamboat and some other crimes.

click for details
Dive into the enchanting world fairytales and experience some old middle-eastern wonder and magic. Meet the Fairy Godmother, Sinbad, Aladdin and even the legendary Djinn.

click for details
It's Diggy's first birthday! Even his father showed up in his camp to congratulate him, well, at lest his father's hologram did. Deliver invites, prepare for a party, blow up a candle on the birthday cake and meet the developers!

click for details
Diggy and the gang prepare for the Easter holidays. There are painted eggs, there are chickens, but what happened to the Bunny? Find out!

click for details
Diggy and the gang prepare for the Easter holidays. There are painted eggs, there are chickens, but what happened to the Bunny? Find out!

click for details
Diggy gets to be a Christmas helper! Rescue some clumsy elves, prepare and deliver Christmas presents to all the good people of Luxor town or decorate your own Christmas tree. And when all the work is done, Diggy celebrates New Year's Eve with all his friends under a mesmerizing fireworks.

click for details
That magical time of ghosts and candies visited our favorite characters. They even got to dust off get on their Halloween costumes! The Luxor ruler banned the holiday and it is up to you to help the Pumpkin Lord to preserve it!
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The following events are currently available for purchase (using Gems in the game shop). To see details of each event, click on the event name.
List is current as of 3 January 2019.

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