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What are gems?

Gems are a special currency in our game by spending which you can buy special items. Gem items are usually far better than other items requiring similar level or point of progression in the game.

What can I do with gems?

Buy special camp equip, decorations or speeding up certain actions (instant return of the caravan with full load without any waiting time, instant finish of a production without any waiting time, instant finish of restarting mine without any waiting time...)

Using Gems Effectively

Video Guide

How can I get gems?

Buying gems with real money

Gems can be bought in the following ways:

  • By clicking the "+" near the gem symbol at the top of the screen Gem buy.png
  • By purchasing the so-called "Time Limited Offers" which are seasonal and are triggered by certain events in the game, like reaching some point in the story. Sometimes they also co-occur with real life festivities. Check the Limited Offers here

Levelups and achievement rewards

Gems are often awarded for reaching certain levels and achieving some achievements. Check the Level Up Guide and the Achievements page here

Gems found in-game

Gems can also be found while playing the game, both in normal and repeatable locations.

List of repeatable locations, which include a gem:

  • Tutankhamun's Treasury - Egypt - 1 or 2 Gems
  • Tin Cave - Egypt (Not every time - Rarely, in just one of the variants) - 1 Gem
  • Stony Landslide - Egypt - 1 Gem
  • Cache - Egypt - 1 Gem
  • Hard Rock Cavern - Scandinavia - 1 Gem
  • Ruby Rubble - China - 1 Gem
  • Golden Pavilion - China (Not every time - Rarely, in just one of the variants) - 1 Gem
  • Topaz Treasury - Atlantis

Picking up the rewards shared by your neighbors

Since June 2015, the gems can also be found in the game posts shared by your neighbors, that's why sharing as many diggy posts on your wall as possible and clicking the link (be it manually or with the use of a collector) is something that gives great benefits.

  • Click on the link to get a reward.


  • Possible outcome:

Reward post2.png

  • So how many gems can I actually collect that way?

Below you can find the results of an experiment run by Adriano L. conducted on 1000 bonuses. (Frequency = Chance to get a specific material from the reward posts)


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