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Diggy's Adventure is available on Pixel Portal! Check out the enhanced gaming experience! At Pixel Portal

Good to know for Monday

Monday is a day when the Diggy team gets ready for Tuesday's update, testing all the new quests, mines and new features. If you'd like to suggest one, don't hesitate and do so on our forum!

Don't forget to use search to see if it was already suggested. If yes, post to already existing thread. This way we'll know what feature ideas are the most popular one, so we'll work on them first!

Tips & tricks!

  • ... energy regenerates over time!
  • ... check out information about Energy!
  • ... fully clearing mines will award you with extra XP!
  • ... don't forget to buy new equipment!
  • ... cooking food will provide you with extra energy to tackle large tiles!
  • ... clear up space in camp and proceed lower as soon as you can!
  • ... join Diggy's Adventure groups on Facebook to find more neighbors and discuss the game!

Find ever more helpful tips & tricks in our help!

Newest changes:

Update on November 17, 2020: Candyland is here!

  • New special week - Candyland!
  • Duration of the event will be 1 Week, until the 24th of November.
  • Your goal will be collecting 3 different candies ❤️ 💛 💚, which will appear randomly from 6 custom refresh mines.
    • Honey Garden
    • Cotton Candy Fields
    • Baker's Burrow
    • Sugar Paradise
    • Chocolate Lakes
    • Candy Cane Canyon
  • With each clear refresh mine you get 1 point towards your event progression counter. Each 5th point will earn you 1 colourless candy, which can be crafted into one of the colours in the Candy Factory Menu⚒️.
  • You can also craft colourless candy from coloured candy in the Candy Factory Menu ⚒️.
  • The refresh locations have a cooldown of 6 hours.
  • Candy can be exchanged for great prizes in the shop!


Play in widescreen, get gems cheaper!

Feedback is welcome!

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