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Mines (also called Locations or Levels) are the core of the gameplay in Diggy's Adventure. Diggy has to visit and complete objectives in hundreds of locations during his adventure. Pages linked below list all the important information about mines, like tile counts, clear bonuses, energy costs, rare materials included and extras.

Mines come in two basic forms:

Story mines

Story mines are the plot-related locations and the locations connected to the side-quests. These mines never expire and can only be cleared once by every player.

Egypt.png Egypt Scandi.pngScandinavia China.png China ATL Icon.png Atlantis Greece icon.png Greece Segmented.png Regional Mine Lists (WIP)

Repeatable mines Restart.png (Also called "Material Mines" in the mobile application)

Repeatable mines are special mines with the restart indicator. They will start refreshing after the player clears the whole location by digging all the tiles. The mine is unavailable in the meantime and the restart lasts several hours (depending on the mine). After the restart, the mine is again full of tiles and can be dug out over and over again. The restart can be sped up with gems. Repeatable mines are located on the Repeatable Mine tab.

Calculations for exchanging the materials for experience related to their respective crowns and other crowns are not taken into account.

Egypt.png Egypt Scandi.png Scandinavia China.png China ATL Icon.png Atlantis Greece icon.png Greece Segmented.png All Regions (Summary)

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