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Diggy's Adventure is now available for mobile devices with Android and iOS systems. This page is devoted to said mobile version.


Where to get it?

You can download the game for your device directly through the related app store. Make sure to check the requirements like the version of the mobile system before downloading.

Be warned, that mobile applications downloaded from other sources than those two, might be modified by 3rd parties, and possibly even injected with malware. Please make always sure, that the publisher of the app is Pixel Federation.

First launch

The launch of the app is quite simple, just like any other mobile app. A very frequent question is whether you get to keep your progress from the pc/browser version of the game. Yes, you can log in to the same account and play on your mobile and on pc. You can even alternate between your pc version and mobile version, which makes the latter a great tool to spend your day mode energy frequently to avoid capping it.

To connect your game to your mobile device, make sure to do one of the following:
1) Use the "Facebook" option (Warning: for this to properly load your progress, your phone will need to be tied to the same facebook account your previous progress is connected to).
2) Use the "E-Mail" option (Warning: for this to work properly, you need to set a Portal_Login first, you can't just put a random mail because that will make a fresh account). Use this option if you are using a different Facebook account on your mobile phone than the one you normally play DA on.


Differences between the classic and the mobile versions

Mobile version is the same game as the classic (pc/browser) version at its core. There are, however, some significant differences between the two. Players focusing on progress and leveling will need to play both versions to take advantage of all the features the game has to offer. Below is the list of aspects in which the mobile version differs from the pc/browser one:

  • No outfit system
    • Lucky Oasis and Smithy repeatable mines do not show up on the map
    • Outfits worn on the pc version will not work in the mobile version (energy returns, exp bonuses, extra coins/lumber/stone)
  • No neighbor system known from the browser version
    • No gifting
    • No windmills (windmills from the browser version WILL STILL provide the additional regeneration speed) Note: Players are now reporting this has been changed in the newest version of the mobile app, needs confirmation.
    • No Rotor Enhancer
    • No Holland System
    • No GC collecting at neighbors' camps
    • No One-Click-God-Children feature
  • Achievements
    • You can choose when to claim achievement rewards
    • Because of all the differences, the following achievements are PC-only: Recruiter, Aesthetician, Energizer, Presentee, Joy Spreader, The Keeper
    • All temporal (event/special week specific) achievements are visible in the mobile version all the time. In the PC version, they are only visible when the event is active.
  • Purchasable Themes are not available
    • Items which require the theme to be bought can still be used in the camp
    • It's also impossible to switch between unlocked regional themes
  • No camp decorations
    • Aesthetician achievement not possible to complete
    • Crowns, the popular way of converting materials into experience not available
  • God Children Collected in locations award ALL the experience at once, instead of appearing every 3 hours in the players' camps
    • Prices are not shown for regeneration/capacity items if the player does not have the necessary level to buy them
  • All the tiles have their energy prices displayed once you get close to them. This might be used to search for the missing tiles more easily.
  • The interface of the game is of course different, it has all the basic features though.
  • Additional Locations Available
    • Additional starting locations available on mobile devices Anpu's Racetrack and Anpu's Arena, which provide a tutorial on the usage of speed potions and the Golem extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still play using my old progress if I am using a different facebook account for the game than the one my phone is tied to?
A: Yes, just take a moment to set up a Portal_Login and you will be able to log in via the "E-Mail" option to your PF account.

Q: Can I play both? I want to play Diggy on my phone and then on my pc when I come back home. I don't want to lose any experience!
A: You can login to the very same account both on your mobile device and your pc at home, you will not lose anything, if done correctly the progress on both apps will contribute to the same account.

Q: I will be away for a couple days and I can't find a way to collect GC and send gifts in the app. What should I do?
A: Unfortunately, most (if not all) of the social features of the original game are not included in the Android/iOS versions. You will either have to find a pc to login to the game once per day, or your friends will have to live without getting a gift for a couple days. You can also use the 3rd party solution, which is Puffin Browser. This browser allows to open flash apps on your mobile by streaming them through its servers. Remember that 3rd party solutions are not recommended and PF does not take responsibility over them.

Q: Are there plans to add the social features known from the original game but missing from the mobile version?
A: There is unfortunately not much information about it. From a couple of vague posts we can assume that some social features for the mobile version are indeed planned, but they might be new ones, unique to the mobile app. Features that we know well from the original game might never make it to the app.

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