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The largest diamond in the world - the fabled Pink Puma is being displayed in Paris and only one thing is certain - the notorious diamond thief calling himself The Phantom will surely try to steal it. Team up with inspector Jaques Closet and enjoy posh parties, wild car chases and a cozy insane asylum. Just try not to end-up there yourself with the fumbling inspector by your side ;)

  • Originally available: March 3, 2015 - March 17, 2015
  • Re-released: July 31, 2018 - August 28, 2018
  • Video-Guide for the event:
  • Achievement: Teal Tiger
  • Treasure: Statue of Jacques Closet
  • Questgiver :Purple Puma.png Purple Puma
  • Materials : Puma Rasberries.png Raspberries Teal Tiger Diamond.png Teal Tiger Diamond
  • Recipes :Raspberry Ice Cream.png Raspberry Ice Cream + 85Nrg.png (3 Mat136.png, 2 Mat030.png) Raspberry Teal Ice Cream.png Raspberry Teal Ice Cream + 300Nrg.png (3 Mat136.png, 1 Mat135.png)

Pink Puma Map.png

  • Mines
Repeatable Mines
Name Clear Bonus Cooldown Chance Tiles Energy Cost Average Materials
Raspberry Grove 1,000Sys001.png 23 hours
or 15Mat002.png
80% 27 505Nrg.png 47.5Mat001.png 2Mat030.png 8Mat136.png
20% 27 490Nrg.png 33Mat001.png 2Mat030.png 8Mat136.png 1Use0036.png
Story Mines
Mine Name Tiles Clear Bonus Energy Cost Event Rare Normal(Average)
Metropolitan Gallery 429 10,000Sys001.png 9,682Nrg.png  2Mat135.png 1,693Mat001.png 101Mat007.png 40Mat009.png 9Mat022.png 9Mat029.png 9Mat030.png 2Mat035.png 14Mat136.png 1,000 Sys001.png
Benefit Ball 771 35,000Sys001.png 35,137Nrg.png  7Mat135.png 4,562Mat001.png 14Mat003.png 12Mat006.png 338Mat007.png 4Mat008.png 46Mat009.png 28Mat011.png 91Mat019.png 120Mat020.png 13Mat021.png
300Mat022.png 89Mat029.png 10Mat030.png 7Mat031.png 10Mat032.png 10Mat033.png 4Mat035.png 8Mat136.png 22,950 Sys001.png
Parisian Streets 1,406 70,000Sys001.png 70,515Nrg.png  8Mat135.png  4Mat002.png 10,927Mat001.png 606Mat007.png 77Mat009.png 50Mat019.png 90Mat020.png 391Mat022.png 40Mat029.png 52Mat030.png 35Mat031.png 3Mat033.png
3Use0036.png 13,100 Sys001.png
Phantom's Alpine Castle 972 80,000Sys001.png 80,190Nrg.png 11Mat135.png  2Mat002.png 7,318Mat001.png 36Mat003.png 13Mat006.png 185Mat007.png 15Mat008.png 48Mat009.png 8Mat011.png 25Mat019.png 22Mat020.png 145Mat022.png
14Mat029.png 37Mat030.png 32Mat031.png 15Mat032.png 24Mat033.png 32Mat136.png 2Use0007.png 26,000 Sys001.png
Mental Asylum 399 95,000Sys001.png 95,194Nrg.png  4Mat135.png  2Mat002.png 3,551Mat001.png 6Mat006.png 139Mat007.png 12Mat008.png 10Mat009.png 23Mat029.png 3Mat030.png 3Mat031.png 7Mat032.png 11Mat033.png 5Mat035.png
1Mat136.png 1Use0001.png 1Use0008.png 34,070 Sys001.png
Antwerp 1,001 94,000Sys001.png 93,762Nrg.png 13Mat135.png  6Mat002.png
4,596Mat001.png 3Mat003.png 9Mat006.png 228Mat007.png 1Mat008.png 13Mat009.png 5Mat011.png 12Mat019.png 9Mat020.png 268Mat022.png 24Mat029.png
12Mat030.png 12Mat031.png 1Mat032.png 12Mat033.png 3Mat035.png 6Mat136.png 80,400 Sys001.png
Lugash National Museum 610 110,000Sys001.png 102,670Nrg.png 14Mat135.png  2Mat002.png
3,376Mat001.png 15Mat003.png 25Mat006.png 45Mat007.png 10Mat008.png 25Mat009.png 5Mat011.png 11Mat019.png 15Mat020.png 15Mat021.png
94Mat022.png 29Mat029.png 5Mat030.png 5Mat031.png 10Mat032.png 24Mat033.png 4Use0003.png 2Use0005.png 21,336 Sys001.png
Lugash Palace 1,342 162,000Sys001.png 161,121Nrg.png 29Mat135.png  2Mat002.png
12,975Mat001.png 22Mat003.png 18Mat006.png 236Mat007.png 16Mat008.png 79Mat009.png 3Mat011.png 41Mat019.png 35Mat020.png 35Mat021.png
371Mat022.png 63Mat029.png 4Mat030.png 9Mat031.png 20Mat032.png 27Mat033.png 40Mat136.png 206,500 Sys001.png
Lugash Jewellery 70 5,000Sys001.png 4,740Nrg.png 11Mat135.png 747Mat001.png 4,800 Sys001.png
Total 7,000 661,000Sys001.png 653,011Nrg.png 99Mat135.png 18Mat002.png
49,746Mat001.png 91Mat003.png 84Mat006.png 1,880Mat007.png 58Mat008.png 340Mat009.png 49Mat011.png 231Mat019.png 292Mat020.png
63Mat021.png 1,579Mat022.png 292Mat029.png 133Mat030.png 104Mat031.png 63Mat032.png 111Mat033.png 14Mat035.png 101Mat136.png
1Use0001.png 4Use0003.png 2Use0005.png 2Use0007.png 1Use0008.png 3Use0036.png 410,156 Sys001.png
Quest Name Reward
The Reveal 6,000Sys001.png 4,000Mat001.png
Acquiring The Diamond 4,800Sys001.png 3,300Mat001.png
Gang Infiltration 3,800Sys001.png 2,400Mat001.png
The Mental Asylum 2,800Sys001.png 1,600Mat001.png
The Home Of The Phantom 1,800Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png
The Car Chase 950Sys001.png 800Mat001.png
Investigation At The Ball 650Sys001.png 500Mat001.png
The Robbery 450Sys001.png 300Mat001.png
Purple Puma 250Sys001.png 200Mat001.png
Final Reward 10,000Sys001.png 1Use0027.png 20Raspberry Ice Cream.png
Camp Equipment
Pink Puma Name Size Max Regeneration.PNG Capacity.PNG Per Slot Level Cost
Pink Tiger In A Box
Pink Tiger In A Box 2x2.PNG 560 280 20 4,500Mat001.png 14Mat135.png
Pink Tiger Cupid
Pink Tiger - Cupid 2x3.PNG 4 1,200 400 45 15,000Mat001.png 33Mat135.png
Angry Pink Tiger
Angry Pink Tiger 3x1.PNG 5 550 550 70 18,000Mat001.png 28Mat135.png
Running Pink Tiger
Running Pink Tiger 3x2.PNG 2 1,300 650 95 82,000Mat001.png 76Mat135.png 30Mat047.png
Sitting Pink Tiger
Sitting Pink Tiger 2x2.PNG 9 98 49 25 6,500Mat001.png 18Mat135.png
Furious Pink Tiger
Furious Pink Tiger 3x2.PNG 6 130 65 50 18,000Mat001.png 26Mat135.png
Pink Tiger With A Hat
Pink Tiger With A Hat 3x3.PNG 4 270 90 75 70,000Mat001.png 38Mat135.png
Sleepy Pink Tiger
Sleepy Pink Tiger 3x1.PNG 3 130 130 100 72,000Mat001.png 43Mat135.png 8Mat092.png
Additional Shop Items
Name Return Level Cost
0567 Pink Tiger Decoration 1,000Sys001.png 40 1Mat135.png
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