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The PSS allows you to have 2 setups with your camp equipment. Generally this would be used for a playtime mode and an away from keyboard mode (eg. sleeping or working). While this can be accomplished manually by storing and placing your equipment individually, as you progress in the game and digging out your home camp having the switch system saves time.

Name Lvl Gem(Header).png
Professor's Switch System 27 250


Set Up

  • To properly set up your camp when you purchase this you will be using several game tools
    • Power of Equipment button POE.PNG
    • Energy bar information window (mouse held over the green energy bar at the top of your game screen)EnergyBar1.PNG
      • To see the effect of your equipment in either mode while setting up the PSS it is best to have an empty (or close to) energy bar.
  • You will also need to know the types of equipment available to use
    • Capacity Capacity.PNG this increases the max amount of energy you can hold or "store" before you will stop making energy.
    • Regeneration Regeneration.PNG this equipment will increase how much energy per hour you can create without cooking
  • Starting with an empty camp, look at the top of your game screen to see which mode you are in. There will be a button next to the theme change (red tent icon with arrows).
    • Day Mode - PSSDay.PNG
    • Night Mode - PSSNight.PNG
  • Keeping an eye on your energy information window as you place your equipment for the two modes follow these general concepts. Depending on your type of play and the equipment available to you, you will need to adjust as needed.
    • Day mode - Very little capacity, all your highest regeneration equipment. Recommended is the amethyst cart for 2000 capacity (or if you are able to purchase the ruby cart for 3000 capacity)the rest of your camp is regeneration equipment, everything you can fit.
    • Night mode - This is a balancing act. You need to place out amounts of both equipment so that depending on the length of time you are expecting to be away from the computer you will fill your energy but not over fill and not be waiting days for it to fill up. So if you typically sleep 8 hours you want to watch your energy information window as you place your equipment. Recommended is to place one capacity - one energy piece at a time checking the energy info after each until your camp is full and your energy capacity will refill in the amount of time you will be gone. Give yourself wiggle room of 30 minutes if you need it.

Examples of Setup

PSS1.png Notice if you scroll your mouse over the green bar at the top of your game screen you will see something similar to this pop up.

  • YOUR ENERGY: How much energy you currently have (282) / how much you can store before you stop regenerating energy (200)
  • REGENERATION SPEED: (85 per hour) This is how fast you will regenerate energy
  • FROM CAMP EQUIPMENT: Once you purchase equipment this number will change
  • FROM WINDMILLS: Starting out if a neighbor has given you windmills this is where you can see how much energy you receive from them. This player has 5 windmills with an output of 5 energy each per hour
  • BASIC RATE: Regardless of how much equipment you have or do not have out you will always receive this.


  • This is an example of the same player if they were to put out one piece of capacity equipment. Notice that the YOUR ENERGY has changed now to read YOUR ENERGY WILL FILL UP IN. This tells you how long you will continue to regenerate energy(7 hours 14 minutes 38 seconds) and that at (6:17:59) in the morning they will be full. This person could have a decent nights sleep and be filled when they woke up in the morning.


  • This is an example of the same player if they were to put out one piece of regeneration equipment. They have already exceeded their capacity so they are not currently regenerating any energy and need to (A) expend energy or (B) place out capacity equipment. Here also take note how that one piece of equipment affects the Regeneration Speed. They have gone from 85 per hour (+1 energy every 43 seconds) to 141 per hour (+1 energy every 26 seconds)


  • How you set up your camp is up to each individual player. General rules of thumb are when playing have your equipment set up to fill in one hour, over night fill to your normal sleep time (ie: 8 hours) plus 30 minutes leeway (or 8.5 hours). Initial set up of the PSS you will need to work and tweek your equipment until it comes out right. Work from the outside in with your highest equipment to the outside. This way if you need to replace a capacity with a regeneration (or vice versa) it is easy enough to switch them out and you know your best pieces are always out.

Tutorial Videos - Regeneration vs. Capacity equipment - Switch System

Additional Information

  • To switch between the 2 modes simply click the button give your camp a few seconds to save itself before exiting out of the game. It is recommended that you refresh your game to make sure night mode was saved before leaving the computer.
  • You use the same items in both modes, the system saves the setting of your items, you can use the same ones in both modes. You do not need to buy different items for them
  • Anytime you purchase new equipment and place it in your camp your switch system will automatically update to that new setup. Don't forget to add it to both modes if needed.
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