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Diggy has to tackle different quests and challenges during his adventurous journey. In general, there are 2 types of quests you can complete to progress in the game.

Main Quests

These are quests which tell you the main story line of Diggy's adventures. You need to complete all quests in this category before you can continue to a more difficult region and get more difficult and exciting quests. Basically, you can only move on to Scandinavia after completing all the main quests in Egypt, or to Atlantis after China.

In the game, the main quests are shown with pictures with golden frame on the left of the screen, like this -> Mainquestpic.png

Below you can find pages with in-depth descriptions of the main quests in all regions.

Choose your region: Egypt.png Egypt Scandi.pngScandinavia China.png China ATL Icon.png Atlantis Greece icon.pngGreece NWWGL.pngNew World
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