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' Diggy has to tackle different quests and challenges during his adventurous journey. Check your task-list or framed quests to see what to do next.

In-depth descriptions of the main quests in all regions

These charts will show you the quest-lines in the game.
What tasks need to be completed, who are the quest-givers. Which quests need to be completed before this one opens. What are the rewards.
The charts also link to the mine pages with details on the mine itself.

Choose your region: Region 1.png Egypt Region 2.pngScandinavia Region 3.png China Region 4.png Atlantis Region 5.pngGreece Region 6.pngNew World

During quests, you can occasionally find Hidden gifts. You can obtain these gifts by doing additional hidden tasks like pushing boulders on roses.
A full list with screenshots of the locations with hidden tasks can be found on the Hidden Gifts Page.

Type Quests

Main Quests Frame gold.png
These quests must be completed to progress to higher Regions. They tell you the story of Diggy, read the signs and talk to the characters.
New main-quests can be found in camp, the city or one of the Temples of the Gods/Dragons.
Main quests are indicated with a golden frame on the left of the screen

Side-quests or Extra-quests Frame blue.png
Side quests are optional. They can be skipped or completed later.
Most new side-quests start in the city.
Side-quests are indicated with a blue frame on the left of the screen

Event-quests Frame red.png
Event-quests are indicated with a red frame, right now there are no quest descriptions available.

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