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== Viracocha ==
== Viracocha ==
*'''Maps''' https://bit.ly/2YzudfM
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Grand Totals:

Available maps: TBD
Clear bonus:
Total Energy Requirement:


Amethyst - Mine contains an amethyst

Ruby - Mine contains a ruby

Topaz - Mine contains a topaz

Sapphire - Mine contains a sapphire

Diamond - Mine contains a Diamond

Black Pearl - Mine contains a black pearl

Treasure - Mine contains a Treasure (Artifact) Part

Mat277.pngMat278.pngMat279.pngMat280.png - Mine contains a god's feather (and an extra section of the mine, with very high energy requirement)

Mat270.png - Mine contains Obsidian (used to make Obsidian Keys)

Main Map (South America)

Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info
New World Ridge 487 68,000Sys001.png 691,050Nrg.png
Jungle Caves 592 70,000Sys001.png 700,550Nrg.png 2Mat002.png
Deep Jungle 605 75,000Sys001.png 750,000Nrg.png
Adjacent Jungle 576 60,000Sys001.png 602,550Nrg.png
Jungle Ruins 451 60,000Sys001.png 587,150Nrg.png 2Mat002.png
Adjacent Plains 564 66,400Sys001.png 667,600Nrg.png 1Mat235.png
Itzamna's Hideout 770 90,000Sys001.png 928,300Nrg.png 2Mat197.png
Divine Jungle 796 90,000Sys001.png 987,300Nrg.png 4Mat143.png
Jungle By The City 592 87,500Sys001.png 875,100Nrg.png 5Mat092.png
Total 5,434 666,900Sys001.png 6,789,500Nrg.png


Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info
Tlaloc's Obsidian Vault 183 50,000Sys001.png 347,650Nrg.png 4Mat047.png3Mat092.png2Mat143.png1Mat197.png2Mat235.png2Treasure
Tlaloc's Spa 621 99,000Sys001.png 987,250Nrg.png 9Mat047.png3Mat270.png
Desert Village 667 206,000Sys001.png 2,060,950Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat277.png
Village Of Dough Festivities 441 135,000Sys001.png 1,347,850Nrg.png 6Mat092.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Tlaloc's Resting Place 656 105,000Sys001.png 1,050,420Nrg.png 3Mat143.png3Mat270.png
Lightning Plains 714 112,000Sys001.png 1,116,450Nrg.png 8Mat047.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Road To Mount Tlaloc 773 210,000Sys001.png 2,113,200Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat277.png
Mount Tlaloc 521 116,365Sys001.png 1,166,250Nrg.png 8Mat047.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Green Paradise 1,202 217,000Sys001.png 2,173,800Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat277.png
Salty Wife's Palace 507 107,000Sys001.png 1,070,500Nrg.png 6Mat092.png3Mat270.png
Sweet Wife's Lake 346 136,900Sys001.png 1,373,600Nrg.png 1Mat235.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Total 6,675 1,494,265Sys001.png 14,807,920Nrg.png


Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info
Quetzalcoatl's Obsidian Vault 225 50,000Sys001.png 359,400Nrg.png 8Mat047.png1Mat092.png1Mat197.png3Mat235.png 2Treasure
Village Of Peace 838 222,900Sys001.png 2,229,080Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat278.png
Serpent Cave 784 127,000Sys001.png 1,268,650Nrg.png 2Mat197.png3Mat270.png
Quetzalcoatl's Temple Of Purity 710 130,000Sys001.png 1,324,550Nrg.png 8Mat047.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Quetzalcoatl's Resting Place 661 206,000Sys001.png 2,059,050Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat278.png
Armed Anthill 693 120,270Sys001.png 1,202,720Nrg.png 3Mat270.png
Bunny's Home 713 105,000Sys001.png 1,367,300Nrg.png 4Mat143.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Crabby Beach 688 126,000Sys001.png 1,264,850Nrg.png 1Mat235.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Distillery Desert 826 122,000Sys001.png 1,251,200Nrg.png 2Mat197.png3Mat270.png
Chimalman's House 413 216,700Sys001.png 2,166,200Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat278.png
World Of Lost Memories 775 150,000Sys001.png 1,505,450Nrg.png 1Mat235.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Total 7,326 1,575,870Sys001.png 15,998,450Nrg.png


Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info
Tezcatlipoca's Obsidian Vault 462 56,000Sys001.png 556,450Nrg.png 4Mat047.png3Mat092.png2Mat143.png1Mat197.png2Mat235.png 2Treasure
Singing Village 491 130,000Sys001.png 1,237,150Nrg.png 4Mat143.png3Mat270.png
Stellar Temple 563 130,980Sys001.png 1,309,800Nrg.png 1Mat092.png1Mat235.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Jaguar Hunting Grounds 1,052 280,000Sys001.png 2,829,400Nrg.png 4Mat270.png1Mat279.png
Toxcatl Festival 1,084 273,000Sys001.png 2,723,000Nrg.png 4Mat143.png1Mat197.png3Mat270.png1Mat279.png
City Of Charade 310 122,000Sys001.png 1,219,650Nrg.png 3Mat270.png
Jaguar Dwellings 709 158,000Sys001.png 1,560,800Nrg.png 2Mat197.png2Mat270.pngTreasure
Cipactli's Swamps 445 150,000Sys001.png 1,483,270Nrg.png 2Mat197.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Mirror Realm 620 140,000Sys001.png 1,395,350Nrg.png 3Mat270.png
Tezcatlipoca's Temple 476 240,000Sys001.png 2,315,200Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat279.png
Temple Of Divine Meetings 634 177,000Sys001.png 1,770,750Nrg.png 1Mat143.png1Mat235.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Total 6,846 1,856,980Sys001.png 18,398,820Nrg.png


Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info
Huitzi's Obsidian Vault 471 66,000Sys001.png 659,000Nrg.png 2Mat047.png3Mat092.png2Mat143.png1Mat197.png3Mat235.png 2Treasure
Priestess' Hiding Place 755 146,000Sys001.png 1,450,750Nrg.png 1Mat235.png3Mat270.png
Huitzi's Fabled Place 803 240,520Sys001.png 2,405,200Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat280.png
Bloody Battlefields 360 201,800Sys001.png 2,017,850Nrg.png 1Mat143.png2Mat197.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
God Of War's Temple 655 150,000Sys001.png 1,472,000Nrg.png 4Mat143.png3Mat270.png
Xiuhcoatl's Guardhouse 740 176,000Sys001.png 1,742,750Nrg.png 8Mat047.png1Mat197.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Haunted Battlefield 735 250,000Sys001.png 2,492,650Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat280.png
Aztec Training Grounds 350 171,900Sys001.png 1,682,150Nrg.png 2Mat047.png6Mat092.png1Mat143.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Villages Of Plenty 752 265,000Sys001.png 2,588,100Nrg.png 3Mat270.png1Mat280.png
Fortified Settlement 421 165,000Sys001.png 1,765,200Nrg.png 1Mat143.png1Mat235.png3Mat270.pngTreasure
Fortified Temple 825 179,000Sys001.png 1,791,550Nrg.png 6Mat047.png8Mat092.png3Mat270.png
Temple Of Divine Calendar 352 92,200Sys001.png 987,550Nrg.png 3Mat143.png
Thieves' Tracks 674 97,000Sys001.png 960,600Nrg.png 3Mat092.png1Mat197.png
Total 7,893 2,190,420Sys001.png 22,015,350Nrg.png


Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info


  • Maps
Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info


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Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info


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Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info


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Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info


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Map Tiles Clear Bonus (XP) Energy Required Additional Info
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