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Do the god children in your camp really disappear after 60 days even if you don't use them??? We had a discussion in facebook about that theme:

PT: They love me :D i have 118 of them on my camp :D

NC:Do you never click them???

PT: nope, if i click is almost 30 000 energy

NC: But they disappear even if you don't use them....God's Children - Energy - Diggy's Adventure Wiki

   GC found in the mines will return to your camp. They can be clicked on every 3 hours up to 15 times for a maximum of 60 days for an energy burst and coins.

PT: i play for almost 4 years

NC: So the information in the wiki is not correct???Then I would safe them also for special occasions....

PT: that i do, when i need them badly, but gor 2 years no need for that grin emoticon

god energy

since I got to Scandinavian world, I lost all my god children. Why ?? thank you for an answer Aline

how do i get mr bill to give me a windmill?

i can not get mr bill to give me a windmill and when i send him a gift it never shows

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