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  • Upgrading your camp as much as possible is arguably the most important part of the game.
  • Always keep improving your equipment, buy the best regular equipment as listed here and buy Event equipment with the special event materials.
  • Be active with your camp setup. Change it multiple times per day to fit your real-life schedule.

How to set up your camp and use the Professor's Switch can be found Here

List of Regional Camp Equipment

  • These lists only show available regular Regional equipment from the shop.

This does not include any items granted as part of a quest completion nor any special offers.

Equipment from Events. Stories.png

  • Event equipment is listed for each separate event on the Events Page.

Equipment from Themes

  • Themes are bought with gems; the equipment with coins. Interesting for lower level players in Egypt.

Special Regional Packs ShopIcon.png

  • These lists show Regional equipment offered for sale when opening a new region or (some) Gods.