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Find the Pair

21 Jul - 28 Jul 2022
29 Dec - 5 Jan 2023
16 Mar - 23 Mar 2023
Finthepair news2.png

Find the Pair is a one week commercial offer.
You flip cards to find 2 the same cards and claim that prize. After 3 free flips you pay gems for each flip, costs go up each flip.

As usual, concentrate on camp equipment rather than one time food or energy.
You should compare this offer to the standard weekly offers where you can buy equipment for 395 Gems.
The cards are divided into 2 groups. First all cards in group 1 will be drawn, only after that you will draw the cards from group 2.
The first 3 draws in group 1 are free but not fully random.

You should probably also be prepared to spend the full total to turn all cards.
With a little luck you spend a couple gems less for the goal you have set yourself.

  • Level A 245 gems is about 17 Green rings (shop value: 374 gems), Fish, Regional gemstones, Experience + Consumables
  • Level B 660 gems is about 2 equipment + 17 Green rings (shop value: 374 gems) + Consumables
    First capacity equipment within maximum 225 gems (+5 Rings)
  • Level C 1000 gems is about 3 equipment + 17 Green rings (shop value: 374 gems) + Consumables
    First capacity equipment within maximum 280 gems (+2 Rings)
  • Level D 2000 gems is about 4 equipment + 17 Green rings (shop value: 374 gems) + Consumables
  • Level E 5000 gems is about 6 equipment + 35 Green rings (shop value: 770 gems) + Consumables

For Pricelevel B and C You can get a capacity equipment with a good discount by only turning maximum the first 17 cards from group 1 (compared to the weekly 395 gem equipment offers).
If you only value the equipment then turning all cards in Pricelevel B and C is a better deal than the standard weekly offers.
Offers C and D have better equipment but at higher prices and more one time goodies.

Details can be found in the Camp-tab, top right, of the Daf2.png DA friends extension. (Diggy helper and information extension for computer browsers)

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Special Regional Packs

SP cover.jpg

Special Regional Packs are offered for sale when opening a new region or starting a new God.

The offer will be at a pricing-level according to your last purchases.
If you want a different level of the offer or want an older offer, please contact Support
Buying these offers via the portal website gives Bonus gems.

The lowest offers (EUR 2.79) can be bought only once, ever.
(meaning: once you have bought any EUR 2.79 offer, you will never be offered one again and the minimum offer will be EUR 4.79)

Special sales packs By Region - As of April 2, 2022

Region 1.pngEgypt

SPpack 1 0.png


SPpack 1 2.png

SPpack 1 3.png

SPpack 1 4.png

SPpack 1 5.png

SPpack 1 6.png

SPpack 1 7.png

SPpack 1 8.png

SPpack 1 9.png

SPpack 1 10.png

Region 2.pngScandinavia

SPpack 2 0.png

SPpack 2 1.png

SPpack 2 2.png

SPpack 2 3.png

SPpack 2 4.png

SPpack 2 5.png

SPpack 2 6.png

SPpack 2 7.png

SPpack 2 8.png

SPpack 2 9.png

SPpack 2 10.png

Region 3.pngChina

SPpack 3 0.png

SPpack 3 1.png

SPpack 3 2.png

SPpack 3 3.png

SPpack 3 4.png

SPpack 3 5.png

Region 4.pngAtlantis

SPpack 4 0.png

SPpack 4 1.png

SPpack 4 2.png

SPpack 4 3.png

SPpack 4 4.png

SPpack 4 5.png

Region 5.pngGreece

SPpack 5 0.png

SPpack 5 1.png

SPpack 5 2.png

SPpack 5 3.png

SPpack 5 4.png

SPpack 5 5.png

SPpack 5 6.png

SPpack 5 7.png

SPpack 5 8.png

SPpack 5 9.png

SPpack 5 10.png

Region 6.pngNew World

SPpack 6 0.png

SPpack 6 1.png

SPpack 6 2.png

SPpack 6 3.png

SPpack 6 4.png

SPpack 6 5.png

SPpack 6 6.png

SPpack 6 7.png

SPpack 6 8.png

SPpack 6 9.png

SPpack 6 10.png

Region 7.pngTerra

SPpack 7 0.png

SPpack 7 1.png

SPpack 7 2.png

SPpack 7 3.png

SPpack 7 4.png

SPpack 7 5.png

SPpack 7 6.png

SPpack 7 7.png

SPpack 7 8.png

SPpack 7 9.png

Source: DA friends. Daf2.png
Diggy helper and information extension for browsers.

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