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Costumes replace the old outfit system from the Flash version of the game.
Unlike outfits, costumes are only cosmetic; they don't affect digging at all, only what Diggy looks like.

Currently, several basic costumes are available for all users (see below). Current Diggy is the Diggy introduced with WebGL; Retro Diggy is from the Flash version. There is no costume (yet?) for the old Mobile Diggy.

Event costumes are the first item unlocked in the premium row of event passes; once claimed, they are available permanently.

To switch costumes, go to the Costume tab in your inventory.

Basic Costumes

Regional Costumes

These costumes unlock after the first quest in each region.

Event Costumes




Shop Costumes

Currently in the Shop. (27 January 2022)

These costumes have been in the shop for a limited period