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Quest Image
Crunchy Ice Cream Junk Food Stall
Under The Christmas Tree
Npc6162.png1. Talk To Fairy Godmother

Mat164.png2. Get A Bag Of Crisps Mat165.png3. Get Ice Cream Use0398.png4. Prepare Crunchy Ice Cream Npc6162.png5. Talk To Fairy Godmother Loc1327.png6. Visit The Repeatable Location

300Mat001.png 500Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Christmas Vouchers Christmas Terminal Loc1693.png1. Visit Christmas Terminal 150Mat001.png 300Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Crunchy Ice Cream
Quest Image
Alone At The Airport Illinois Airport
Christmas Challenge 1
Npc6163.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3490.png2. Put The Baggage On The Conveyor Belt Tok3491.png3. Get The Flight Ticket Tok3492.png4. Go Through Security Check Tok3519.png5. Get To Gate Iii Tok3493.png6. Get To The Plane Npc6165.png7. Talk To Kelvin Loc1320.png8. Visit Christmas Challenge Npc6162.png9. Talk To Fairy Godmother

550Mat001.png 770Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Crunchy Ice Cream
Quest Image
Keep The Change Five Star Hotel Tok3494.png1. Find Kelvin

Npc6169.png2. Talk To Kelvin Tok3495.png3. Get Kelvin Out Of The Room Tok3496.png4. Get To The Laundry Room Tok3497.png5. Flee Through The Kitchen Npc6170.png6. Talk To Kelvin

710Mat001.png 1,200Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Alone At The Airport
Quest Image
Christmas Wish New York Shopping Mall
Christmas Challenge 2
Npc6171.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3498.png2. Get To Santa Npc6172.png3. Talk To Santa Tok3499.png4. Catch The Bandits Loc1321.png5. Visit Christmas Challenge

1 080Mat001.png 1,800Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Keep The Change
Quest Image
In Bandits' Footsteps Snowy Zoo Npc6174.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3500.png2. Track Down The Bandits Tok3501.png3. Listen In On The Bandits Talking Npc6175.png4. Talk To Kelvin

1,600Mat001.png 2,400Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Christmas Wish
Quest Image
Toy Store Thievery Danken's Toy Store
Christmas Challenge 3
Npc6176.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3502.png2. Find The Bandits Tok3503.png3. Connect The Alarm Tok3504.png4. Sound The Alarm Tok3505.png5. Flee Through The Exit Loc1322.png6. Visit Christmas Challenge

2,100Mat001.png 3,100Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: In Bandits' Footsteps
Quest Image
Baiting Bandits New York Streets
Christmas Challenge 4
Tok3506.png1. Help Kelvin Flee

Tok3507.png2. Get Inside The House Npc6177.png3. Talk To Kelvin Loc1323.png4. Visit Christmas Challenge

2,600Mat001.png 3,700Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Toy Store Thievery
Quest Image
Kelvin's Revenge Traphouse
Christmas Challenge 5
Npc6178.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3508.png2. Defeat The Bandits (9) Tok3509.png3. Get To The Exit Npc6179.png4. Talk To Kelvin Loc1324.png5. Visit Christmas Challenge

3,200Mat001.png 4,400Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Baiting Bandits
Quest Image
The Tree Of Miracles Rockefeller Plaza Tok3510.png1. Escape The Bandits

Tok3511.png2. Defeat The Bandits Npc6180.png3. Talk To Kelvin Tok3512.png4. Get To The Christmas Tree Tok3513.png5. Put The Gift Under The Tree Npc6301.png6. Talk To Fairy Godmother

3,800Mat001.png 5,300Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Kelvin's Revenge
Quest Image
Christmas Surprise Christmas Challenge 6
Christmas Challenge 7
Christmas Challenge 8
Christmas Challenge 9
Npc6162.png1. Talk To Fairy Godmother

Loc1328.png2. Visit Christmas Challenge Loc1329.png3. Visit Christmas Challenge Loc1330.png4. Visit Christmas Challenge Loc1331.png5. Visit Christmas Challenge

1,000Mat001.png 2,000Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Kelvin's Revenge
Quest Image
Family Vacation Uncle Freddie's House Npc6390.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3603.png2. Get To Santa Tok3604.png3. Get On The Bus Tok3605.png4. Get To Uncle's House Tok3606.png5. Search The Rooms (10) Npc6391.png6. Talk To Kelvin

4,000Mat001.png 5,800Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: The Tree Of Miracles
Quest Image
Neighbourhood Inspection Winterville Suburbs Npc6392.png1. Talk To Policeman

Tok3607.png2. Find A Way Into The Houses (4) Tok3608.png3. Open The Doors For The Policemen (4) Npc6454.png4. Talk To Kelvin Tok3609.png5. Free Kelvin Npc6454.png6. Talk To Kelvin

4,300Mat001.png 6,400Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Family Vacation
Quest Image
House Defense Kelvin's Traphouse Npc6395.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3610.png2. Defeat The Bandits (9) Tok3611.png3. Help Kelvin Flee

4,600Mat001.png 6,900Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Neighbourhood Inspection
Quest Image
Kelvin On The Run Winterville Village Tok3612.png1. Help Kelvin Flee

Tok3613.png2. Call The Police Tok3614.png3. Get To The Church Npc6397.png4. Talk To Kelvin

5,000Mat001.png 7,500Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: House Defense
Quest Image
Holiday Cheer Godmother's Pantry Loc1348.png1. Clear The Pantry 150Mat001.png 300Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: The Tree Of Miracles
Quest Image
Fireworks In Sydney Sydney Harbour
New Year's Challenge 1
Npc6530.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3615.png2. Set Off Fireworks Tok3616.png3. Find Kelvin's Family Npc6531.png4. Talk To Kelvin Loc1346.png5. Visit New Year's Challenge

1,000Mat001.png 1,500Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Kelvin On The Run
Quest Image
Foggy New Year Streets Of London Npc6532.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3615.png2. Set Off Fireworks Tok3616.png3. Find Kelvin's Family Tok3656.png4. Place The Wind Machines (2) Npc6533.png5. Talk To Kelvin

1,300Mat001.png 2,100Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Fireworks In Sydney
Quest Image
Family Chase Coast Of Cuba
New Year's Challenge 2
Npc6534.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3615.png2. Set Off Fireworks Tok3616.png3. Find Kelvin's Family Npc6535.png4. Talk To Kelvin Loc1347.png5. Visit New Year's Challenge

1,700Mat001.png 2,700Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Foggy New Year
Quest Image
Happy New Year 2016! Statue Of Liberty Npc6536.png1. Talk To Kelvin

Tok3615.png2. Set Off Fireworks Tok3616.png3. Find Kelvin's Family Npc6537.png4. Talk To Kelvin

1,800Mat001.png 3,500Sys001.png 1Mat078.png
Available after: Family Chase
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Quest Image
Poisoned Plantation Free Trade Plantation
Macgainer's Challenge 1
Npc5965.png1. Talk To Macgainer

Npc5919.png2. Talk To Juanita Tok3397.png3. Find Radioactive Barrels Tok3398.png4. Get Proof Npc5966.png5. Talk To Juanita Tok3399.png6. Catch Murloc Tok3400.png7. Defeat Mutant Ants Loc1301.png8. Visit Macgainer's Challenge 1 Npc5965.png9. Talk To Macgainer

1,500Mat001.png 3,000Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Oil On Fire Indian Oil Field
Macgainer's Challenge 2
Tok3401.png1. Talk To Chief Odakota

Tok3401.png2. Free Chief Odakota Tok3402.png3. Find Out Who's Sabotaging The Oil Company Tok3399.png4. Catch Murloc Tok3403.png5. Put Out Oil Well Fires (3) Loc1302.png6. Visit Macgainer's Challenge 2 Npc5965.png7. Talk To Macgainer

2,200Mat001.png 4,200Sys001.png
Available after: Poisoned Plantation
Quest Image
Polar Threat Antarctica Station
Macgainer's Challenge 3
Npc5967.png1. Talk To Scientist Marcel

Tok3404.png2. Find The Lost Scientists Tok3405.png3. Thaw The Scientists (4) Tok3399.png4. Catch Murloc Tok3406.png5. Build A Plane Loc1303.png6. Visit Macgainer's Challenge 3

3,050Mat001.png 5,300Sys001.png
Available after: Oil On Fire
Quest Image
Timebomb Ticking Toxic Waste Power Station Tok3407.png1. Get Inside The Control Room

Tok3399.png2. Catch Murloc Tok3408.png3. Deactivate The Bomb Npc5968.png4. Talk To Macgainer

4,300Mat001.png 6,400Sys001.png
Available after: Polar Threat
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Quest Image
Halloween Party Occult Library
Halloween Challenge 1
Npc5606.png1. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

Npc5607.png2. Talk To Professor Tok3274.png3. Bring A Spell Book To Professor Tok3275.png4. Turn Off The Light Npc5608.png5. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman Loc1279.png6. Visit Halloween Challenge

300Mat001.png 500Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Who You Gonna Call? New York University Tok3276.png1. Get Dr. Deacon Sprinkler To Join You

Tok3277.png2. Get Dr. Ray Stance To Join You Tok3278.png3. Get Dr. Winston Sadmore To Join You Tok3279.png4. Capture Slimy Npc5609.png5. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

800Mat001.png 1,800Sys001.png
Available after: Halloween Party
Quest Image
Headless Horseman Waking Hollow
Halloween Challenge 2
Npc5610.png1. Talk To Dr. Deacon Sprinkler

Tok3280.png2. Find Headless Horseman's Head Tok3281.png3. Capture Headless Horseman Loc1280.png4. Visit Halloween Challenge Npc5609.png5. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

1,500Mat001.png 3,100Sys001.png
Available after: Who You Gonna Call?
Quest Image
Haunted Videotape Japanese Villa Npc5611.png1. Talk To Dr. Ray Stance

Tok3282.png2. Find Sodoko's Videotape Tok3283.png3. Capture Sodoko Npc5609.png4. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

3,060Mat001.png 4,600Sys001.png
Available after: Headless Horseman
Quest Image
White Lady Hudson Castle
Halloween Challenge 3
Npc5612.png1. Talk To Dr. Winston Sadmore

Tok3284.png2. Find 3 Things (3) Tok3287.png3. Capture White Lady Loc1281.png4. Visit Halloween Challenge Npc5609.png5. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

3,800Mat001.png 5,300Sys001.png
Available after: Haunted Videotape
Quest Image
Ghost Ship New York Harbour
Halloween Challenge 4
Npc5613.png1. Talk To Dr. Deacon Sprinkler

Tok3288.png2. Find The Ancient Map Tok3289.png3. Find The Ancient Compass Tok3290.png4. Set Up A Trap On The Ghost Ship Tok3291.png5. Capture Flying Dutchman Loc1282.png6. Visit Halloween Challenge Npc5609.png7. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

4,300Mat001.png 6,040Sys001.png
Available after: White Lady
Quest Image
Capturing Presidents Central Park
Halloween Challenge 5
Npc5614.png1. Talk To Dr. Winston Sadmore

Tok3293.png2. Capture Abraham Lincoln Tok3292.png3. Capture George Washington Tok3294.png4. Capture Richard Nixon Loc1283.png5. Visit Halloween Challenge Npc5609.png6. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

5,070Mat001.png 7,000Sys001.png
Available after: Ghost Ship
Quest Image
The Necronomicon 8th Circle Of Hell Npc5615.png1. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

Tok3296.png2. Get Inside The Hell Dimension Tok3297.png3. Put Necronomicon To Sleep Npc5616.png4. Talk To Dr. Peter Wingman

6,300Mat001.png 8,300Sys001.png
Available after: Capturing Presidents
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Quest Image
Coconut Refreshment Coconut Orchard Npc5229.png1. Talk To Jack Deep

Mat158.png2. Get A Coconut Mat030.png3. Get Sugar Use0344.png4. Make Coconut Cocktail Npc5229.png5. Talk To Jack Deep

790Mat001.png 1,370Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Searching For Treasure Island Of Crystal Skulls Tok3126.png1. Find A Crystal Skull

Tok3127.png2. Find Jack's Ship Tok3128.png3. Clean The Ship (33) Npc5264.png4. Talk To Jack Deep

1,810Mat001.png 2,380Sys001.png
Available after: Coconut Refreshment
Quest Image
Jack Deep's Crew Tortuga Bay
Pirate Challenge 1
Npc5230.png1. Talk To Jack Deep

Tok3129.png2. Get Pirate Cook To Join In Tok3130.png3. Get Barber Pirate To Join In Tok3131.png4. Get Pirate Monk To Join In Npc5346.png5. Talk To Jack Deep Tok3132.png6. Save Pirates (8) Tok3160.png7. Find Jack Deep Loc1253.png8. Visit Pirate Challenge 1

2,900Mat001.png 4,290Sys001.png
Available after: Searching For Treasure
Quest Image
Jack On The Run Fortress Of Escape Tok3133.png1. Get Inside The Fortress

Tok3134.png2. Free Jack Deep Tok3135.png3. Get The Skull Back Tok3136.png4. Get Back To The Ship Npc5231.png5. Talk To Jack Deep

5,250Mat001.png 6,500Sys001.png
Available after: Jack Deep's Crew
Quest Image
Sea Battle Pacific Current
Pirate Challenge 2
Tok3137.png1. Find Cannon Balls

Tok3138.png2. Find 1 Bag Of Gun Powder Tok3139.png3. Fire The Cannons (6) Tok3140.png4. Board The Ship Tok3141.png5. Find A Crystal Skull Npc5229.png6. Talk To Jack Deep Loc1254.png7. Visit Pirate Challenge 2 Npc5229.png8. Talk To Jack Deep

7,300Mat001.png 8,370Sys001.png
Available after: Jack On The Run
Quest Image
Voodoo Priestess Swamp Island
Pirate Challenge 3
Npc5389.png1. Talk To Jack Deep

Tok3142.png2. Find Voodoo Priestess' Hut Npc5234.png3. Talk To Voodoo Priestess Tok3144.png4. Find Temple Tok3145.png5. Find List Of Crystal Skulls Tok3141.png6. Find A Crystal Skull Npc5229.png7. Talk To Jack Deep Loc1255.png8. Visit Pirate Challenge 3 Npc5229.png9. Talk To Jack Deep

8,600Mat001.png 10,060Sys001.png
Available after: Sea Battle
Quest Image
Saving Soldiers Shipwreck Bay
Pirate Challenge 4
Tok3141.png1. Find A Crystal Skull

Npc5229.png2. Talk To Jack Deep Loc1256.png3. Visit Pirate Challenge 4 Npc5229.png4. Talk To Jack Deep

10,100Mat001.png 11,800Sys001.png
Available after: Voodoo Priestess
Quest Image
In The Belly Of The Beast Kraken Coast
Pirate Challenge 5
Tok3148.png1. Find Flying Dutchman

Npc5236.png2. Talk To Flying Dutchman Tok3149.png3. Set Up Trap For Kraken Tok3150.png4. Cut Through Kraken's Tentacles (8) Tok3141.png5. Find A Crystal Skull Loc1257.png6. Visit Pirate Challenge 5

12,200Mat001.png 13,100Sys001.png
Available after: Saving Soldiers
Quest Image
7 Crystal Skulls Cave Of Bones
Sextant Island
Npc5229.png1. Talk To Jack Deep

Tok3152.png2. Get Inside The Cave Tok3141.png3. Collect Remaining Skulls (3) Tok3154.png4. Trick Dead Beard Tok3155.png5. Start Lullaby Ritual Npc5419.png6. Talk To Jack Deep

13,900Mat001.png 16,690Sys001.png
Available after: In The Belly Of The Beast
Quest Image
Hidden Pirate Treasure Loc2578.png1. Visit Sextant Island 700Mat001.png 1,300Sys001.png
Available after: 7 Crystal Skulls
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Quest Image
Oyster Delicacy Oyster Field Npc4930.png1. Talk To Fairy Godmother

Mat154.png2. Get 1 Oyster Mat019.png3. Get 1 Mushroom Mat021.png4. Get 1 Herb Use0324.png5. Prepare A Platter Of Oysters Npc4930.png6. Talk To Fairy Godmother

770Mat001.png 1,300Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Trip To Village Seaside Village Npc4958.png1. Talk To Mariel

Tok3047.png2. Get A Large Aquarium Tok3027.png3. Get A Cart For Transportation Npc4959.png4. Talk To Mariel Tok3028.png5. Take Mariel To The Village Tok3029.png6. Show Mariel 3 Things (3) Npc4966.png7. Talk To Mariel Npc4930.png8. Talk To Fairy Godmother

1,800Mat001.png 2,300Sys001.png
Available after: Oyster Delicacy
Quest Image
Rescuing Prince Vortex Island
Vortex Island Challenge
Tok3030.png1. Save Prince Elric

Tok3031.png2. Save 7 Sailors (7) Npc4930.png3. Talk To Fairy Godmother

2,820Mat001.png 4,200Sys001.png
Available after: Trip To Village
Quest Image
Magical Potion Pursula's Secret Laboratory
Pursula's Secret Laboratory Challenge
Npc4975.png1. Talk To Pursula

Tok3032.png2. Get Foot Powder Tok3033.png3. Get A Pair Of Giant's Socks Tok3034.png4. Get A Centipede Npc4975.png5. Talk To Pursula Tok3071.png6. Cook The Feet Growing Potion Npc4930.png7. Talk To Fairy Godmother

5,050Mat001.png 6,100Sys001.png
Available after: Rescuing Prince
Quest Image
Chasing After Prince Royal Countryside Tok3035.png1. Get Invited To The Wedding Ball

Npc4930.png2. Talk To Fairy Godmother

7,090Mat001.png 8,170Sys001.png
Available after: Magical Potion
Quest Image
Wedding Ball Prince's Palace
Prince's Palace Challenge
Npc4993.png1. Talk To Fairy Godmother

Tok3036.png2. Get Rid Of Indian Princess Tok3037.png3. Get Rid Of Egyptian Princess Tok3038.png4. Get Rid Of Princess From North Tok3039.png5. Get Rid Of Chinese Princess Npc4997.png6. Talk To Fairy Godmother Tok3040.png7. Break Pursula's Spell Npc4930.png8. Talk To Fairy Godmother

8,280Mat001.png 9,800Sys001.png
Available after: Chasing After Prince
Quest Image
From Prince To Merman Isle Of Transformation Tok3041.png1. Turn Prince Elric Into A Merman

Npc4930.png2. Talk To Fairy Godmother

9,900Mat001.png 11,500Sys001.png
Available after: Wedding Ball
Quest Image
Free Mariel! Pursula's Cave
Pursula's Cave Challenge
Tok3042.png1. Save Mariel

Npc4976.png2. Talk To King Trident

11,910Mat001.png 13,010Sys001.png
Available after: From Prince To Merman
Quest Image
Love Always Wins Trident's Kingdom
Trident's Kingdom Challenge
Tok3043.png1. Free Good Fish People (3)

Tok3044.png2. Imprison Pursula's Guards (4) Tok3045.png3. Defeat Pursula Tok3046.png4. Save Mariel Npc4930.png5. Talk To Fairy Godmother

13,300Mat001.png 16,030Sys001.png
Available after: Free Mariel!
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Quest Image
Dr. Nope The Island Of Doctor Nope Npc4718.png1. Talk To James Blond

Npc4719.png2. Talk To Honey Driver Tok2926.png3. Get Inside The Secret Base Tok2927.png4. Start The Evacuation Tok2928.png5. Catch Doctor Nope Tok2929.png6. Get The Nuclear Bomb Npc4718.png7. Talk To James Blond

750Mat001.png 1,250Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Casino Royale Monaco City Centre Npc4720.png1. Talk To Casino Doorman

Tok2930.png2. Get The Deck Of Cards Tok2931.png3. Plant The Fake Cards In Faramanga's Room Tok2932.png4. Play Poker With Faramanga Npc4718.png5. Talk To James Blond

1,600Mat001.png 2,060Sys001.png
Available after: Dr. Nope
Quest Image
A View To Kill Plastic Valley Tok2933.png1. Deactivate 4 Amplifiers (4)

Tok2934.png2. Get Inside The Server Room Tok2935.png3. Catch Day May Tok2936.png4. Catch Zax Morin Tok2937.png5. Get The Super-computer Npc4718.png6. Talk To James Blond

2,700Mat001.png 3,900Sys001.png
Available after: Casino Royale
Quest Image
Moonraker Fleming's Space Station Tok2938.png1. Free The Astronauts

Tok2939.png2. Reset The Laser Satellite Tok2940.png3. Obtain The Control Usb Tok2941.png4. Catch Chomper Npc4718.png5. Talk To James Blond

4,010Mat001.png 5,900Sys001.png
Available after: A View To Kill
Quest Image
In Her Majesty's Secret Service Wheatland Farm Tok2942.png1. Destroy 10 Infected Barrels (10)

Tok2943.png2. Catch Offjob Tok2944.png3. Get The Briefcase With The Original Virus Npc4718.png4. Talk To James Blond

5,350Mat001.png 8,030Sys001.png
Available after: Moonraker
Quest Image
From Russia With Love Snow Mountains Npc4729.png1. Talk To Blond In Disguise

Tok2945.png2. Place Dynamites In The Right Spots Tok2946.png3. Blow Up The Oil Pipeline Tok2947.png4. Open Oil Pipeline That Leads To Bratislava Npc4718.png5. Talk To James Blond

7,900Mat001.png 9,260Sys001.png
Available after: In Her Majesty's Secret Service
Quest Image
Goldfinger Fort Knox Npc4722.png1. Talk To Assistant Agent

Tok2948.png2. Find The Nuclear Bomb Tok2949.png3. Catch Goldenfoot Tok2950.png4. Deactivate Nuclear Bomb Npc4727.png5. Talk To Goldenfoot

9,400Mat001.png 11,100Sys001.png
Available after: From Russia With Love
Quest Image
The World Is Not Enough Bunker Under London Tok2952.png1. Free The Real James Blond

Npc4811.png2. Talk To Bloodfield Tok2953.png3. Save Her Majesty Tok2954.png4. Stop The Countdown Tok2955.png5. Catch Ernst Stavro Bloodfield Npc4761.png6. Talk To James Blond

11,500Mat001.png 14,050Sys001.png
Available after: Goldfinger
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Quest Image
Space Attacks! Chillmark Village Tok2829.png1. Plant 4 Flags (4)

Tok2830.png2. Catch 5 Turkeys (5) Tok2831.png3. Set 4 Boxes Of Fireworks In Place (4) Tok2832.png4. Light The Fireworks Npc4442.png5. Talk To Agent Molder Tok2834.png6. Get Pilot Russel Inside The Plane Tok2835.png7. Get Agent Molder Inside The Plane Tok2836.png8. Get Agent Skully Inside The Plane Tok2833.png9. Get The Dog Inside The Plane Npc4429.png10. Talk To Agent Molder

300Mat001.png 730Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Mystery Files New York In Ruins Npc4430.png1. Talk To Agent Skully

Tok2837.png2. Save People (12) Npc4430.png3. Talk To Agent Skully Tok2838.png4. Save The Dog Tok2863.png5. Talk To Agent Skully Tok2861.png6. Save Agent Skully Npc4429.png7. Talk To Agent Molder

760Mat001.png 1,200Sys001.png
Available after: Space Attacks!
Quest Image
President In Peril White House Under Attack Tok2839.png1. Save Mr. President

Tok2840.png2. Save Scientist Jeff Tok2841.png3. Save The Dog Npc4429.png4. Talk To Agent Molder

1,620Mat001.png 2,270Sys001.png
Available after: Mystery Files
Quest Image
Making Saucers Fly Area 15 Npc4431.png1. Talk To Scientist Jeff

Tok2842.png2. Turn On Ufo Tok2834.png3. Find Pilot Russel Tok2843.png4. Make Coffee For Pilot Russel Npc4433.png5. Talk To Mr. President

2,400Mat001.png 4,620Sys001.png
Available after: President In Peril
Quest Image
Finding Will Schmidt Nevada Desert Tok2844.png1. Find Pilot Will Schmidt

Tok2845.png2. Find The Shot Down Ufo Npc4433.png3. Talk To Mr. President

3,300Mat001.png 6,030Sys001.png
Available after: Making Saucers Fly
Quest Image
Nuclear Threat Bikini Beach Npc4428.png1. Talk To The Captain

Tok2846.png2. Find Nuclear Bomb Npc4433.png3. Talk To Mr. President

4,300Mat001.png 7,400Sys001.png
Available after: Finding Will Schmidt
Quest Image
Space Walk International Space Stations Npc4432.png1. Talk To Will Schmidt

Tok2847.png2. Get 6 Space Stations Under Control (6) Npc4433.png3. Talk To Mr. President

5,650Mat001.png 9,200Sys001.png
Available after: Nuclear Threat
Quest Image
Saving The World Mothership Npc4432.png1. Talk To Will Schmidt

Tok2848.png2. Get On The Bridge Tok2849.png3. Save 9 Kidnapped People (9) Npc4575.png4. Talk To Scientist Jeff Tok2833.png5. Save The Dog Npc4577.png6. Talk To Scientist Jeff Tok2850.png7. Teleport The Nuclear Bomb To The Alien Queen Tok2857.png8. Activate The Nuclear Bomb Npc4433.png9. Talk To Mr. President

6,220Mat001.png 11,200Sys001.png
Available after: Space Walk
Quest Image
Alien Challenge Alien Challenge Loc1180.png1. Visit The Alien Challenge 200Mat001.png 520Sys001.png
Available after: Saving The World
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Quest Image
Sweet Delight Mascarpone Manufacture Npc4329.png1. Talk To Cousin Ulrika

Mat141.png2. Acquire Two Tubs Of Mascarpone (2) Mat031.png3. Get Flour Use0279.png4. Bake A Mascarpone Cake Npc4329.png5. Talk To Cousin Ulrika

300Mat001.png 500Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Birthday Party Pixel Federation Tok2773.png1. Get To The Party

Tok2768.png2. Answer 5 Questions (5) Tok2769.png3. Blow Out The Candles Tok2770.png4. Turn On The Power Npc4267.png5. Talk To Shmolko

750Mat001.png 1,300Sys001.png
Available after: Sweet Delight
Quest Image
Lost And Found Megatest Level Npc4267.png1. Talk To Shmolko

Tok2765.png2. Find The Code Detector Npc4267.png3. Talk To Shmolko

1,010Mat001.png 2,000Sys001.png
Available after: Birthday Party
Quest Image
Diggy The Ghost Buster Old World Tok2766.png1. Find Missing Pieces Of The Code (4)

Npc4267.png2. Talk To Shmolko

2,900Mat001.png 4,800Sys001.png
Available after: Lost And Found
Quest Image
Daily Crisis City Of Trouble Tok2766.png1. Find Missing Piece Of The Code

Npc4267.png2. Talk To Shmolko

3,620Mat001.png 5,450Sys001.png
Available after: Diggy The Ghost Buster
Quest Image
Seeding And Diggying Farm Simulation Tok2766.png1. Find Missing Pieces Of The Code (5)

Npc4267.png2. Talk To Shmolko

4,350Mat001.png 6,100Sys001.png
Available after: Daily Crisis
Quest Image
Mad Chase The Racing Tracks Tok2766.png1. Find Missing Pieces Of The Code (3)

Npc4267.png2. Talk To Shmolko

4,820Mat001.png 6,930Sys001.png
Available after: Seeding And Diggying
Quest Image
Connection Lost The Interweb Npc4325.png1. Talk To PeŤo

Tok2794.png2. Find Usb Stick Tok2795.png3. Find Usb Stick Tok2796.png4. Find Usb Stick Tok2797.png5. Find Usb Stick Tok2793.png6. Insert Usb Sticks Into The Computer Npc4267.png7. Talk To Shmolko

5,230Mat001.png 8,200Sys001.png
Available after: Mad Chase
Quest Image
The Mission Possible Mojmir's Digital Fortress Tok2772.png1. Get Inside The Computer

Npc4326.png2. Talk To Mojmir Tok2771.png3. Give Mojmir The Cake Npc4267.png4. Talk To Shmolko

5,500Mat001.png 9,100Sys001.png
Available after: Connection Lost
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Quest Image
Snow White Snow White's Castle Npc4001.png1. Talk To Fairy Godmother

Npc4002.png2. Talk To Snow White Tok2624.png3. Bring The Magical Mirror To The Queen Npc4003.png4. Talk To Evil Queen Tok2625.png5. Bring The Exotic Tea To The King Npc4001.png6. Talk To Fairy Godmother

300Mat001.png 500Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Huntsman With A Heart Forest Of The Unwanted Npc3988.png1. Talk To Snow White

Tok2626.png2. Get Mead For The Huntsman Tok2627.png3. Get A Suitable Heart For The Huntsman Npc3994.png4. Talk To Huntsman Ivan Npc4001.png5. Talk To Fairy Godmother

800Mat001.png 2,250Sys001.png
Available after: Snow White
Quest Image
Sublease From A Fairy Tale Fairy Tale Real-estate Tok2628.png1. Check Out The Houses Looking For A Tenement (4)

Npc4005.png2. Talk To Lock

1,500Mat001.png 3,500Sys001.png
Available after: Huntsman With A Heart
Quest Image
Garden Gnomes Dwarven Forest Tok2629.png1. Find The Missing Dwarfs (6)

Npc4001.png2. Talk To Fairy Godmother

3,000Mat001.png 5,000Sys001.png
Available after: Sublease From A Fairy Tale
Quest Image
Giant Preparations For A Dwarf Feast Market Under The Castle Tok2630.png1. Get Cabbage

Tok2631.png2. Get Cheese Tok2632.png3. Get A Sausage Tok2633.png4. Get Some Apples Npc4001.png5. Talk To Fairy Godmother

3,750Mat001.png 5,500Sys001.png
Available after: Garden Gnomes
Quest Image
Dwarven Banquet Dwarfyard Tok2634.png1. Get The Chairs On Their Places (4)

Tok2635.png2. Roll The Barrels To Their Marks (2) Tok2636.png3. Place The Apples On The Tables (8) Tok2637.png4. Ring The Bell Npc4006.png5. Talk To Mopey Tok2638.png6. Get A Suitable Coffin For Snow White Npc4006.png7. Talk To Mopey Npc4001.png8. Talk To Fairy Godmother

4,500Mat001.png 6,000Sys001.png
Available after: Giant Preparations For A Dwarf Feast
Quest Image
Reversed Courtship Princely Path Tok2639.png1. Find A Suitable Prince For Snow White

Npc4007.png2. Talk To Prince Charming Tok2640.png3. Bring The Prince To Snow White Npc4001.png4. Talk To Fairy Godmother

4,750Mat001.png 7,000Sys001.png
Available after: Dwarven Banquet
Quest Image
Fairest Of Them All Evil Queen's Tower Tok2641.png1. Find The Magical Mirror

Tok2642.png2. Find Queen's Weakness In The Mirror Npc4066.png3. Talk To Magical Mirror Tok2643.png4. Defeat The Evil Queen Npc4001.png5. Talk To Fairy Godmother

5,000Mat001.png 8,000Sys001.png
Available after: Reversed Courtship
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Quest Image
Monica's Carrots Bunny Ear Garden Npc3831.png1. Talk To Monica The Hen

Mat137.png2. Get A Carrot Mat030.png3. Get Sugar (2) Mat031.png4. Get Flour (2) Use0271.png5. Bake A Carrot Cake Npc3831.png6. Talk To Monica The Hen

300Mat001.png 500Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Messy Hen-coop Dirty Hen-coop Tok2524.png1. Find Chickens (11)

Tok2525.png2. Water The Plants (10) Tok2526.png3. Dig Out Dirt Tiles (42) Tok2527.png4. Roll The Eggs Into Place Npc3831.png5. Talk To Monica The Hen

700Mat001.png 1,000Sys001.png
Available after: Monica's Carrots
Quest Image
External Sources Eggislands Tok2528.png1. Find Seagull Eggs (5)

Tok2529.png2. Find Ostrich Eggs (4) Tok2530.png3. Find Crocodile Eggs (4) Tok2531.png4. Find Dragon Eggs (2) Npc3831.png5. Talk To Monica The Hen

1,000Mat001.png 2,000Sys001.png
Available after: Messy Hen-coop
Quest Image
Egg-olution Revolting Hen-coops Npc3796.png1. Talk To Guerilla Chicken

Tok2532.png2. Turn The Speakers Off (4) Npc3799.png3. Talk To Guerilla Chicken Tok2533.png4. Trap The Weasels Npc3802.png5. Talk To Guerilla Chicken Tok2534.png6. Open The Gate Npc3805.png7. Talk To The Big Rooster

1,500Mat001.png 3,000Sys001.png
Available after: External Sources
Quest Image
Hens, Bunnies And Assembly Lines Poultry Farms Npc3806.png1. Talk To The Bunny Boss

Tok2535.png2. Rescue The Bunnies Tok2536.png3. Rescue The Hens Npc3806.png4. Talk To The Bunny Boss

2,000Mat001.png 4,000Sys001.png
Available after: Egg-olution
Quest Image
Bunny Mafia Weasel Hideout Npc3788.png1. Talk To The Bunny Boss

Tok2537.png2. Get Inside The Room Npc3831.png3. Talk To Monica The Hen

3,000Mat001.png 5,000Sys001.png
Available after: Hens, Bunnies And Assembly Lines
Quest Image
Baron Ram Shopping Centre Npc3835.png1. Talk To The Bunny Boss

Tok2538.png2. Catch Baron Ram Npc3835.png3. Talk To The Bunny Boss

3,500Mat001.png 6,000Sys001.png
Available after: Bunny Mafia
Quest Image
Ram The Baron Secret Chalet Tok2539.png1. Catch Baron Ram

Npc3831.png2. Talk To Monica The Hen

4,000Mat001.png 6,500Sys001.png
Available after: Baron Ram
Quest Image
Diggy's Easter Hunt Easter Picnic Tok2540.png1. Complete The Tasks (4)

Npc3831.png2. Talk To Monica The Hen

4,500Mat001.png 7,000Sys001.png
Available after: Ram The Baron
Quest Image
Easter Challenge Easter Challenge Loc1107.png1. Visit The Easter Challenge 5,000Mat001.png 8,000Sys001.png
Available after: Diggy's Easter Hunt
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Quest Image
Purple Puma Raspberry Grove Npc3532.png1. Talk To The Purple Puma

Mat136.png2. Collect Raspberries (3) Mat030.png3. Get Sugar (2) Use0261.png4. Make Ice Cream Npc3532.png5. Talk To The Purple Puma

200Mat001.png 250Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
The Robbery Metropolitan Gallery Npc3516.png1. Talk To Princess Dala

Tok2428.png2. Turn The Security System On (4) Npc3521.png3. Talk To Inspector Closet Tok2429.png4. Turn The Fire System On Tok2430.png5. Turn The Back-up Generator On Tok2431.png6. Find The Cigarette Butt Tok2432.png7. Find The Glove

300Mat001.png 450Sys001.png
Available after: Purple Puma
Quest Image
Investigation At The Ball Benefit Ball Npc3534.png1. Talk To Inspector Closet

Tok2432.png2. Find The Glove (2) Tok2431.png3. Find The Cigarette Butt (2) Tok2433.png4. Search The Room Npc3534.png5. Talk To Inspector Closet

500Mat001.png 650Sys001.png
Available after: The Robbery
Quest Image
The Car Chase Parisian Streets Tok2435.png1. Follow The 1st Car

Tok2436.png2. Follow The 2nd Car Tok2437.png3. Follow The 3rd Car Npc3534.png4. Talk To Inspector Closet

800Mat001.png 950Sys001.png
Available after: Investigation At The Ball
Quest Image
The Home Of The Phantom Phantom's Alpine Castle Npc3534.png1. Talk To Inspector Closet

Tok2438.png2. Get Into The Bedroom Npc3535.png3. Talk To Sir Charles Litton

1,000Mat001.png 1,800Sys001.png
Available after: The Car Chase
Quest Image
The Mental Asylum Mental Asylum Npc3607.png1. Talk To Inspector Closet

Tok2439.png2. Get Into The Cell Npc3617.png3. Talk To Inspector Dreyfus Tok2440.png4. Help Dreyfus Out

1,600Mat001.png 2,800Sys001.png
Available after: The Home Of The Phantom
Quest Image
Gang Infiltration Antwerp Npc3534.png1. Talk To Inspector Closet

Tok2441.png2. Get The 1st Stamp Tok2442.png3. Get The 2nd Stamp Tok2443.png4. Get The 3rd Stamp Tok2444.png5. Get The 4th Stamp Npc3537.png6. Talk To Master Gem Cutter

2,400Mat001.png 3,800Sys001.png
Available after: The Mental Asylum
Quest Image
Acquiring The Diamond Lugash National Museum Tok2445.png1. Find The Place Of The Sale

Npc3534.png2. Talk To Inspector Closet Tok2446.png3. Catch The Phantom Tok2447.png4. Get The Diamond Npc3534.png5. Talk To Inspector Closet

3,300Mat001.png 4,800Sys001.png
Available after: Gang Infiltration
Quest Image
The Reveal Lugash Palace Tok2448.png1. Return The Diamond

Tok2449.png2. Follow The Wrappers On The Ground (12) Npc3533.png3. Talk To Princess Dala Npc3534.png4. Talk To Inspector Closet

4,000Mat001.png 6,000Sys001.png
Available after: Acquiring The Diamond
Quest Image
Closet's Thank You Lugash Jewellery Loc1093.png1. Visit The Lugash Jewellery 1,000Mat001.png 3,000Sys001.png
Available after: The Reveal
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Quest Image
Cherry Blossom Cherry Orchard Npc3303.png1. Talk To William Shakespeare

Mat134.png2. Collect Cherries (4) Mat030.png3. Get Sugar Use0254.png4. Brew A Cherry Shake Npc3303.png5. Talk To William Shakespeare

150Mat001.png 200Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Precious Necklaces Garden Of Love Loc1055.png1. Visit The Garden Of Love

Npc3303.png2. Talk To William Shakespeare

350Mat001.png 500Sys001.png
Available after: Cherry Blossom
Quest Image
Romeo And Juliet Verona Market Npc3298.png1. Talk To William Shakespeare

Tok2338.png2. Help The Capulets (3) Tok2339.png3. Help The Montagues (3)

550Mat001.png 700Sys001.png
Available after: Precious Necklaces
Quest Image
The Capulet Ball Capulet Ball Npc3298.png1. Talk To William Shakespeare

Tok2340.png2. Find Romeo Npc3299.png3. Talk To Romeo Montague Tok2341.png4. Help Romeo Get To Juliet Npc3299.png5. Talk To Romeo Montague

750Mat001.png 1,000Sys001.png
Available after: Romeo And Juliet
Quest Image
The Balcony Scene Juliet's Gardens Npc3298.png1. Talk To William Shakespeare

Tok2342.png2. Help Romeo Get To Juliet Npc3299.png3. Talk To Romeo Montague

1,200Mat001.png 2,000Sys001.png
Available after: The Capulet Ball
Quest Image
The Secret Wedding Verona Chapel Npc3298.png1. Talk To William Shakespeare

Npc3300.png2. Talk To Juliet Capulet Tok2343.png3. Find Romeo Tok2344.png4. Find Friar Lawrence Tok2345.png5. Light The Candles (12) Tok2346.png6. Pull The Lever

1,800Mat001.png 3,000Sys001.png
Available after: The Balcony Scene
Quest Image
The Duel Streets Of Verona Npc3298.png1. Talk To William Shakespeare

Npc3315.png2. Talk To Romeo Montague Npc3312.png3. Talk To Mercutio Tok2347.png4. Find A Laxative Tok2373.png5. Put The Laxative Into The Food Tok2349.png6. Barricade Tybalt Npc3315.png7. Talk To Romeo Montague Tok2350.png8. Catch Tybalt

2,500Mat001.png 4,000Sys001.png
Available after: The Secret Wedding
Quest Image
The Wedding Night Capulet Mansion Npc3298.png1. Talk To William Shakespeare

Npc3299.png2. Talk To Romeo Montague Tok2351.png3. Reach Juliet Npc3300.png4. Talk To Juliet Capulet

3,500Mat001.png 5,000Sys001.png
Available after: The Duel
Quest Image
The Poison Lawrence's Alchemical Laboratory Npc3300.png1. Talk To Juliet Capulet

Npc3302.png2. Talk To Friar Lawrence Tok2352.png3. Mix The Poison

4,500Mat001.png 6,000Sys001.png
Available after: The Wedding Night
Quest Image
The Happy End Verona Cemetery Npc3302.png1. Talk To Friar Lawrence

Tok2353.png2. Find The Crypt Palermo Npc3299.png3. Talk To Romeo Montague Npc3298.png4. Talk To William Shakespeare Tok2354.png5. Find The Crypt Salerno Npc3300.png6. Talk To Juliet Capulet Tok2355.png7. Reunite Romeo And Juliet Npc3298.png8. Talk To William Shakespeare Tok2382.png9. Talk To Friar Lawrence

5,500Mat001.png 7,000Sys001.png
Available after: The Poison
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Quest Image
Sneferu's Oranges Orange Garden Npc3144.png1. Talk To Sneferu's Son

Mat130.png2. Get Orange (3) Mat030.png3. Get Sugar (2) Use0243.png4. Make Some Juice Npc3144.png5. Talk To Sneferu's Son

400Mat001.png 500Sys001.png
Available after: Continuing The Adventure
Quest Image
Pearls Of Mrs. Sneferu Pawn Shop Loc1034.png1. Visit The Pawn Shop

Npc3144.png2. Talk To Sneferu's Son

700Mat001.png 1,000Sys001.png
Available after: Sneferu's Oranges
Quest Image
Casino In Las Vegas Pharaoh's Palace Npc3145.png1. Talk To Sneferu's Wife

Npc3146.png2. Talk To Alan Galfianjgakos Tok2278.png3. Find Chips (40) Npc3146.png4. Talk To Alan Galfianjgakos

1,000Mat001.png 1,750Sys001.png
Available after: Pearls Of Mrs. Sneferu
Quest Image
The White Tiger Cabaret Mirage Tok2279.png1. Find The Assistant

Npc3115.png2. Talk To Dancer Tok2280.png3. Get A Tiger Npc3114.png4. Talk To Assistant Johnny

1,700Mat001.png 3,000Sys001.png
Available after: Casino In Las Vegas
Quest Image
Bank Heist Las Vegas Bank Tok2281.png1. Find Uncle

Tok2282.png2. Release Uncle Npc3141.png3. Talk To Uncle Diggster

2,400Mat001.png 4,000Sys001.png
Available after: The White Tiger
Quest Image
Memory Lost Belaggio Ceremonial Hall Npc3147.png1. Talk To Vladimir The Mummy

Tok2283.png2. Help Vladimir (6) Npc3147.png3. Talk To Vladimir The Mummy Npc3146.png4. Talk To Alan Galfianjgakos Npc3148.png5. Talk To Sneferu

3,000Mat001.png 5,000Sys001.png
Available after: Bank Heist
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