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This page lists general information, for more detailed information use Events and Specials Timeline
Special week banner.jpg
Many of these weeks can be combined to increase the effectivity.This means you save up materials during 6 months.

Double Materials weeks are used to exchange your Green rings into materials.
Save up Green rings during 6 months and use them in this week with use of gems to speed up the Fortune mine.
Postcard weeks and Builder weeks can be used to buy more Green rings.
Double production week is used to exchange surplus materials into Experience points/levels (with use of caravan tickets).
Double Materials week (green rings), Red Ring weeks and Candyland weeks give extra materials
Caravans stay doubled throughout the year when not claimed
Equipment: Builder, Postcard and Candyland weeks are a good source for strong camp equipment.

Double Materials Week

DMW.pngDMW diggy.png
All Repeatable mines including (Shop)events will drop double the amount of materials they normally do.
Coins and gems will be doubled. Experience and Edibles like Melons will not be doubled.
Year date
2014 Sep 30 - Oct 6 Dmw20.jpeg
2015 Oct 6 - Oct 13
2016 Apr 5 - Apr 12 Aug 23 - Aug 30 Nov 1 - Nov 8
2017 Mar 14 - Mar 21 Aug 15 - Mar 22
2018 Jan 30 - Feb 6 Aug 14 - Aug 21
2019 Jan 29 - Feb 5 Aug 13 - Aug 20
2020 Feb 4 - Feb 11 Jul 21 - Jul 28
2021 Feb 23 - Mar 2 Jul 13 - Jul 20
2022 Jan 4 - Jan 11 Jul 12 - Jul 19

Mines will be marked by a red '2x' symbol. Only Materials will be doubled.
What to do during a Double materials week? It depends a bit on your style of playing the game.
If you are interested in your level and lvl-ups (via caravans or pillars) then do all the mines with the best xp/energy factors. Those give the best return on invested energy.
All reps listed here Material Mine Page. You will see a column XP/energy [2x week] , sort on that and you know which mines give the best xp/En ; return on spent energy.
Any mine with a factor lower than 5.5 is not advised as you would be better of spending that energy in a running event.

If you dont care much about your level, only do the mines that give useful materials.

DMW is an important twice yearly special week that can make your cooking/smelting much easier next 6 months.
It also functions as an important part of the strategy for leveling up faster by converting all those materials in to experience via Caravans or Pillars.
If you save up all your Green rings and spend them all during this week you will have a decent stack of important ingredients and materials.
Arguably it is even more important for mobile players to focus on collecting rings where you can because you dont get all the wood and coal gifted as computer players often do.
It will cost some gems speeding up the fortune green ring mine but it is worth it.
This also will daily free up some energy to play events/region with as it saves you doing food, wood, coal etc ingredient repeatables during much of the 6 months.

It is also the week where you go fishing with your saved up worms. Although it is not a very attractive strategy when you are in Egypte/Scandi as you would need to do without fish recipes for 6 months.
It is advisable to start saving up on eels worms for 6 months and dont do eel recipes sometime end of China or when in Atlantis so you can continue this process of double harvesting when you need a lot of eels in Greece.

At the end of the week you can consider leaving one tile in all mines you dont usually do and be prepared for next postcard week.
And lastly.....start saving up (again) after this week and be prepared for next double materials week.

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Double Production Week

DPW.pngDPW diggy.png
During double production week you get 2x the materials from your Kitchen, Foundry and Caravans for the same price.
Year date
2015 May 19 - May 26 Nov 3 - Nov 10 DP416.PNG
2016 Apr 19 - Apr 26 Sep 27 - Oct 4
2017 Mar 28 - Apr 4 Sep 5 - Sep 12
2018 Apr 10 - Apr 17 Oct 9 - Oct 16
2019 Apr 9 - Apr 16 Oct 15 - Oct 22
2020 Apr 28 - May 5 Oct 13 - Oct 20
2021 Mar 30 - Apr 6 Aug 3 - Aug 10
2022 Mar 29 - Apr 5 Aug 3 - Aug 10

This is the best week to sell your materials via the caravans and use your Caravan ticket tickets.
Jadeite and Obsidian Keys are not doubled. Count for achievements is not doubled.
This is the week to use your (old) 5 minutes event recipes.
Any production started before the week and claimed during the week is now also doubled. Likely next time this is not the case.
Any production started during the week stays double and can be claimed double after the week ends. (You might have to restart the game to get the double)
This gives you the option of extra level-ups/Energy during for example a Builder Week.

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Faster Production Week

FPW.pngFPW diggy.png

Sending out caravans, creating alloys and cooking in your camp takes half its usual production time.

Year date
2016 May 24 - May 31 524Pro.PNG
2017 Jan 3 - Jan 10 May 16 - May 23
2018 Jan 2 - Jan 9 Jul 10 - Jul 17
2019 Jan 2 - Jan 8 Jul 9 - Jul 16
2020 Jan 21 - Jan 28 Jul 14 - Jul 21
2021 Jan 19 - Jan 26 Jun 22 - Jun 29
2022 Mar 22 - Mar 29
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Builder Week

During builder weeks you work together with all players in your region on a shared goal.
Year date
2018 Jul 17 - Jul 24 EVN146.jpg
2019 Jan 22 - Jan 29 Jul 16 - Jul 23
2020 Jan 28 – Feb 4 Jul 28 – Aug 4
2021 Jan 26 – Feb 2 Jul 28 – Aug 4
2022 Jan 11 – Jan 18 Jul 26 – Aug 2

Minimum level to participate: lvl 50
During builder weeks you work together with all players in your region on a shared goal:
Building a community building and unlocking all floors.
There is a short new story-line and repeatable material mines.

Your task is to collect a special material in the mines and repeatable mines
and exchange it for special Coins.

SPW builder2.jpg

By exchanging the materials you contribute to the shared goal with
all players in your region unlocking/building the 8 floors.
Each region has a progress bar that unlocks next stages of the event.
Every 12.5% a floor unlocks. You will have to wait sometimes
until your region has collected enough special material.

SPW builder8.jpg

By exchanging the materials for coins you get the event achievements
and the keys to unlock the loot areas on each of the 8 floor.
To do this you will have to
do the 3 story mines + 6x a repeatable material mine.

SPW builder3.jpg

With the coins you can buy good camp equipment and other goodies.
Continue doing the repeatable material mines for more coins and more goodies.

SPW builder4.jpg

At the end of the week when your region has build all floors
you will have the chance to find a golden ticket on the top floor.
Buy a very strong regeneration camp equipment with that in the shop.
For lower level players: Make sure you clear 2 spots 4 high in your underground camp
to be able to buy the Golden ticket item.

SPW builder5.jpg

Builder weeks are social weeks about cooperation rather than competition,
although some will see it as a race.
So far each event, all regions managed to complete their buildings within time.
Builder weeks are a replacement for the Strongman weeks and still have elements
of that discontinued event in them like a quiz-mine and a roll/drag-mine.
Well worth week to invest some extra energy in.

Shows how you are doing compared to other players in your region. No prize for #1.

SPW builder6.jpg

Shows how your region is doing compared to other regions. There is no prize for #1.

SPW builder7.jpg
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Postcard Week

Mat372.pngPostcards diggy.png
During a Postcard week all repeatable locations in the game, including (shop)events, give 10x the usual clearance bonus Sys001.png and a Mat372.png postcard.
Year date
2014 Apr 29 - May 6 Dec 2 - Dec 9 PostcardSpring4.png
2015 Apr 21 - Apr 28 Nov 24 - Dec 1
2016 May 3 - May 10 Sep13 - Sep 20
2017 Jan 31 - Feb 7 Jun 20 - Jun 27 Nov 14 - Nov 21
2018 May 29 - Jun 5 Nov 13 - Nov 20
2019 May 28 - Jun 4 Nov 12 - Nov 19
2020 Apr 14 - Apr 21 Oct 20 - Oct 27
2021 Mar 23 - Mar 30 Oct 5 - Oct 12
2022 Feb 1 -Feb 8

Postcards Mat372.png can be used to purchase camp equipment and consumables.
Requirements to participate: level 35 (and higher) players who have completed the first Quest in Isis-Egypt (Small Cave).
Postcard weeks can be a good source of Green rings, used in a Double materials week. It can be interesting to invest some saved up food in this week.
You can prepare for a postcard week by removing all but 1 tile from each available repeatable mine, helping you with a quick first round.

Cards can be used in the shop until one week after the event ends.
Cards are event specific and can not be used in any future postcard week.

Each postcard event comes with an Achievement (collect 50 cards)
Starting Spring postcards 3 the achievement has been made segmented.

For details see the individual weeks in the Events section.
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Loc2851.pngCandyland diggy.png
Repeatable mine week with nice equipment and materials.
Year date
2020 Nov 17 - Nov 24 EVNcandyland.png
2021 Jun 1 - Jun 8 Nov 16 - Nov 23
2022 May 31 - Jun 6

There are 6 repeatable mines with a refresh time of 6 hours.
Honey Garden, Cotton Candy Fields, Baker's Burrow, Sugar Paradise, Chocolate Lakes, Candy Cane Canyon.
This week has no storyline.

Each of the repeatable locations can randomly drop either a red, yellow or a green candy.
The event has it's own Progress bar, Factory and Shop.

The shop and factory will be available until 48 hours after the event ends.
The candies are event specific and cannot be used in any future event.
48 hours after the end of the event your candy will become worthless and will be deleted when a new Candyland week starts.
All repeatable mines will be reset when the next Candyland week starts.
So on your last visit to each mine you can choose the least-energy-cost path to the candy and leave any other tiles.

Progress bar: For each 5 cleared repeatables you will receive an universal candy that can be converted into any color of choice in the Candy Factory


Candy Factory:If needed for a purchase, you can change all colored candies into uncolored candies and in turn change those to any color of choice (2 step process).



Candy Shop: you can buy equipment and goodies in the special Candy Shop.

(this shows the goodies in the Terra segment)

The event also has 3 achievements for collecting the 3 colored candies.
Only candies collected from the repeatable mines count towards the achievement. Crafted candies do not count.
Achievements do not reset. This means you can complete the achievements next time the special week is released.
Mines and Candy materials are reset to zero each new week.

Check the event page for details.Candyland3
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Awesome Alchemy

Npc33201.pngAwesome Alchemy diggy.png
This week does not give materials and is mainly about the goodies/equipment you can buy in the shop.
Year date
2022 May 3 - May 10 Jun 28 - Jul 5 EVN159.png

This special week is about making Elixers in your foundry with ingredients from 4 repeatable mines.
There is also a short storyline that is required to unlock next steps.

To be able to finish the quests, you will have to make elixers in your foundry for 22 customers. This requires 66 ingredients or 66x a repeatable mine.
Each customer will give one Alchemist's Coin Mat392.png. With coins you can buy goodies in the shop.

FoundryAwesomeAlchemy.png CustomersAwesomeAlchemy.png
Required production

ELIXERS Needed for Quests
Elixir of Metamorphosis 11Tok10523.png 220Mat383.png220Mat380.png220Mat381.png
Elixir of Youth 8Tok10521.png 160Mat382.png160Mat380.png160Mat381.png
Elixir of Love 7Tok10520.png 140Mat382.png140Mat383.png140Mat381.png
Elixir of Resurrection 6Tok10522.png 120Mat382.png120Mat383.png120Mat380.png
11Tok10523.png 8Tok10521.png 7Tok10520.png 6Tok10522.png 420Mat382.png500Mat383.png520Mat380.png520Mat381.png

Extra Coins can be earned by serving more Customers in the repeatable mine Old Lady's Cornershop which opens after completing all quests. This mine has a chance connected on what type of elixer (and thus ingredients) is required.

Why extra coins?
For more equipment/goodies from the shop & Achievements.

If you insist on completing the achievements, be aware that it will likely take more times the repeatables than you would want.
The achievements require 900 of each ingrediënt or 45x times the 4 repeatables. (180x total)
Due to the chance connected in the Old Lady's Cornershop mine and 100 less Fly Amanita Mushrooms collected at the end of the quests, you will on average need 14 extra times a repeatable. (194x)
At this point in time it is not clear if the achievements will reset next version of the event or if they continue where you leave them this week.

It is highly advised to spend the Alchemist's Coins though as it is likely they will not be valid next version.

A walkthrough article by Pixelfederation HERE

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Red Rings Repeatable Week

Rrings.pngRedrings diggy.png
Year date
2014 Jul 15 - Jul 22 Redring.jpg
2015 Jan 6 - Jan 13 Jun 16 - Jun 23
2016 Feb 23 - Mar 1 May 31 - Jun 7
2017 Jan 17 - Jan 24
May 23 - May 30
Oct 10 - Oct 17
2018 Mar 13 - Mar 20 Sep 11 - Sep 18
2019 Mar 12 - Mar 19 Sep 10 - Sep 17
2020 Mar 3 - Mar 10 Sep 22 - Sep 29
2021 Jan 5 - Jan 12 Aug 24 - Aug 31
2022 Apr 26 - May 3


  • Questgiver: Npc1699.png Narmer (Virides's brother)
  • Materials: Tok1642.png Red Ring

During Red Ring Week a new map with repeatable ring and reward mines will be added to your stories navigation map.


Requirements to perticipate: level 35 (and higher) players who have completed the first Quest in Isis-Egypt (Small Cave).

  • Each mine has 1 ring in it, which can be used to open special red ring chests, in a similar fashion to green rings.
  • The repeatable mines also give players a chance to get rare materials (Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, etc.) with a shorter cooldown and (with the exception of Topaz and Sapphire) a lesser energy cost than normal repeatables.
  • The higher region you have reached, the more repeatable mines will be available to you.
  • The repeatables will not reset when the next ring week comes. They come back in the state you have left them previously, therefore it's recommended to clear the location completely before the week ends.
  • Reward locations with chests are split into 3 tiers. You only need to open 1 chest in each tier to proceed forward.
  • After reaching the 3rd tier, you can clear the one and only tile in the location to reset it.

Red Rings can be used in future Red ring weeks. They can not be seen in your inventory, or used, once the week ends.
It can be a strategy to save up red rings until you reach a high enough region. But there is no guarantee there will always be a next ring week.

Red Ring Repeatable Mines

Collect Red Rings in the repeatable mines. More mines unlock as you progress through the regions.

Region Name Clear Bonus Cooldown Chance Tiles Energy Cost Materials
Region 1.png Red Ring Deposit 50Sys001.png 11 hours
or 25Mat002.png
50% 9 272Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 0-8Mat001.png 0-3Mat007.png 0-2ToDo FOOD (ToDo TOTAL)
50% 10 405Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 0-8Mat001.png 0-3Mat003.png 0-2ToDo FOOD (ToDo TOTAL)
Region 1.png Red Ring Treasury 100Sys001.png 11 hours
or 25Mat002.png
33.3% 21 960Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 740-1,310Mat001.png
33.3% 21 960Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 670-1,550Mat001.png
33.3% 25 1,080Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 1,160-2,890Mat001.png
Region 1.png Red Ring Library 220Sys001.png 11 hours
or 25Mat002.png
50% 5 2,200Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 4,500Sys001.png
50% 5 2,200Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 4,500Sys001.png
Region 1.png Red Ring Amethyst Mine 700Sys001.png 11 hours
or 25Mat002.png
100% 16 6,980Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 300-540Mat001.png 27-63Mat022.png 1Mat047.png
Region 1.png Red Ring Pyramid 1,000Sys001.png 11 hours
or 25Mat002.png
75% 29 10,000Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 120-218Mat001.png 20,000Sys001.png
25% 35 10,000Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 160-278Mat001.png 26,500Sys001.png
Region 2.png Red Ring Ruby Mine 3,000Sys001.png 11 hours
or 25Mat002.png
100% 31 30,000Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 10-350Mat001.png 80-128Mat022.png 1Mat092.png
Region 3.png Red Ring University 10,000Sys001.png 11 hours
or 25Mat002.png
60% 34 37,800Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 500-850Mat001.png 46,000Sys001.png
40% 44 37,800Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 900-1,200Mat001.png 56,000Sys001.png
Region 3.png Red Ring Topaz Mine 7,000Sys001.png 11 hours
or 30Mat002.png
100% 41 72,060Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 1,200-2,970Mat001.png 9Mat008.png 30Mat009.png 104-182Mat022.png 9Mat032.png 1Mat143.png
Region 4.png Red Ring Sapphire Mine 8,100Sys001.png 11 hours
or 30Mat002.png
100% 22 81,000Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 0-255Mat001.png 1Mat197.png 27,900Sys001.png
Region 5.png Red Ring Diamond Jungle 9,000Sys001.png 11 hours
or 30Mat002.png
100% 29 90,660Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 8,500-11,456Mat001.png 18-42Mat007.png 70-85Mat009.png 32-56Mat022.png 1Mat235.png 40,000Sys001.png
Region 6.png Red Ring Mountain 5,500Sys001.png 11 hours
or 30Mat002.png
75% 22 55,000Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 2,397-3,615Mat001.png 110,000Sys001.png
25% 25 55,000Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 3,196-4,716Mat001.png 135,000Sys001.png
Region 7.png Red Ring Opal Module 20,000Sys001.png 11 hours
or 30Mat002.png
100% 19 100,000Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 12,000-15,308Mat001.png 1Mat329.png 52,500Sys001.png
Long Term Average
Show/Hide Details
Region Name Clear Bonus Energy Cost Average Materials Pillar XP Total XP XP/Energy
Region 1.png Red Ring Deposit 50Sys001.png 339Nrg.png 2.4Mat001.png 0.3Mat003.png 0.3Mat007.png 0.3ToDo FOOD (ToDo TOTAL) 0.3ToDo FOOD (ToDo TOTAL) 1Tok1642.png
Region 1.png Red Ring Treasury 100Sys001.png 1,000Nrg.png 1,386.7Mat001.png 1Tok1642.png
Region 1.png Red Ring Library 220Sys001.png 2,200Nrg.png 1Tok1642.png 4,500 Sys001.png
  +   4,500)
Region 1.png Red Ring Amethyst Mine 700Sys001.png 6,980Nrg.png 420Mat001.png 45Mat022.png 1Mat047.png 1Tok1642.png
Region 1.png Red Ring Pyramid 1,000Sys001.png 10,000Nrg.png 181.5Mat001.png 1Tok1642.png 21,625 Sys001.png
  +   21,625)
Region 2.png Red Ring Ruby Mine 3,000Sys001.png 30,000Nrg.png 167.1Mat001.png 104Mat022.png 1Mat092.png 1Tok1642.png
Region 3.png Red Ring University 10,000Sys001.png 37,800Nrg.png 825Mat001.png 1Tok1642.png 50,000 Sys001.png
  +   50,000)
Region 3.png Red Ring Topaz Mine 7,000Sys001.png 72,060Nrg.png 2,068.2Mat001.png 9Mat008.png 30Mat009.png 143Mat022.png 9Mat032.png 1Mat143.png 1Tok1642.png
Region 4.png Red Ring Sapphire Mine 8,100Sys001.png 81,000Nrg.png 127.5Mat001.png 1Mat197.png 1Tok1642.png 27,900 Sys001.png
  +   27,900)
Region 5.png Red Ring Diamond Jungle 9,000Sys001.png 90,660Nrg.png 9,969.2Mat001.png 30Mat007.png 77.5Mat009.png 44Mat022.png 1Mat235.png 1Tok1642.png 40,000 Sys001.png
  +   40,000)
Region 6.png Red Ring Mountain 5,500Sys001.png 55,000Nrg.png 3,237.5Mat001.png 1Tok1642.png 116,250 Sys001.png
  +   116,250)
Region 7.png Red Ring Opal Module 20,000Sys001.png 100,000Nrg.png 13,648Mat001.png 1Mat329.png 1Tok1642.png 52,500 Sys001.png
  +   52,500)

Reward Mines

Spend the Red Rings in the Reward mines. Usually the highest available gives most/best loot.

Region Spend your rings HERE Clear Bonus Cooldown Tiles Energy Cost Materials (Some Vary by Level)
Region 1.pngRegion 2.png Red Hall of Rewards 100Sys001.png 2 hours
or 25Mat002.png
1 50Nrg.png Mat001.png 5-6Mat002.png Mat007.png Mat008.png Mat022.png Mat032.png 1Mat047.png 110 FOOD (385 TOTAL) 3Use0047.png Sys001.png
Region 3.png Red Pagoda of Rewards 100Sys001.png 2 hours
or 25Mat002.png
1 50Nrg.png Mat001.png 5-6Mat002.png 1Mat092.png Mat094.png Mat095.png Mat096.png Mat099.png 3Use0047.png 1,000 FOOD (3,500 TOTAL) Sys001.png
Region 4.png Red Museum of Rewards 100Sys001.png 2 hours
or 25Mat002.png
1 50Nrg.png Mat001.png 5-6Mat002.png 1Mat143.png Mat144.png Mat145.png Mat146.png Mat147.png Mat148.png 1Mat149.png 3Use0047.png Sys001.png
Region 5.png Red Mountain of Rewards 100Sys001.png 2 hours
or 25Mat002.png
1 50Nrg.png Mat001.png 5-6Mat002.png 1Mat149.png Mat193.png Mat195.png Mat196.png 1Mat197.png Mat199.png 3Use0047.png Sys001.png
Region 6.png Red Temple of Rewards 100Sys001.png 2 hours
or 25Mat002.png
1 50Nrg.png Mat001.png 5-6Mat002.png Mat147.png Mat198.png 1Mat235.png Mat266.png Mat267.png 1Mat268.png Mat269.png 3Use0047.png Sys001.png
Region 7.png Red Deck of Rewards 100Sys001.png 2 hours
or 25Mat002.png
1 50Nrg.png Mat001.png 5-6Mat002.png Mat328.png 1Mat329.png Mat330.png Mat331.png 1Mat332.png Mat333.png Mat334.png 3Use0047.png Sys001.png

Optimizing Xp value per Ring

There is no need to open all gates in the Reward mines.
In this table you will see some examples of the Rewards at certain levels.
For exact information at your Level/Region, please use the Daf2 extension for the computer version of the game.
Numbers are all averages.
In green you see the best choices that will give you most value, expressed in Xp and are taken from Pillar values; Caravan Xp values are 150%.
Best Reward mine is: RED MOUNTAIN OF REWARDS (for any region/level player)

LocRedhallofrewards.png RED HALL
of Rewards
of Rewards
of Rewards
of Rewards
of Rewards
of Rewards
Region 1.png Level 100 Region 2.png Level 150 Region 3.png Level 200 Region 4.png Level 250 Region 5.png Level 300 Region 6.png Level 400 Region 7.png Level 500
1 269.5Mat022.png 13,457 391.5Mat022.png 19,575 91Mat099.png 64,610 49.5Mat147.png 173,250 98.5Mat195.png 163,510 115.5Mat147.png 404,250 161.5Mat334.png 510,340
2 10.5Use0030.png 1,155 13.5Use0030.png 1,485 17.5Use0139.png 17,500 60.5Mat145.png 108,900 39.5Mat196.png 197,500 76.5Mat198.png 393,975 64.5Mat333.png 490,200
3 379.5Mat007.png 11,385 551Mat007.png 16,530 104Mat094.png 70,720 27,012X.png 27,012 37,814X.png 37,814 50,414X.png 50,414 67,515X.png 67,515
4 10,175Mat001.png 10,175 14,800Mat001.png 14,800 19,425Mat001.png 19,425 24,050Mat001.png 24,050 28,675Mat001.png 28,675 44,485Mat001.png 44,485 55,335Mat001.png 55,335
5 22Mat008.png 31,900 27Mat008.png 39,150 17.5Mat096.png 288,750 11.5Mat148.png 287,500 10.5Mat199.png 577,500 7.5Mat269.png 525,000 116.5Mat328.png 524,250
6 26.5Mat032.png 26,500 23.5Mat032.png 33,500 40.5Mat095.png 85,050 116.5Mat144.png 139,800 24.5Mat198.png 126,175 32.5Mat267.png 195,000 27.5Mat331.png 171,875
7 10,812X.png 10,812 16,212X.png 16,212 21,612X.png 21,612 42Mat146.png 117,600 34.5Mat193.png 98,325 45.5Mat266.png 191,100 55.5Mat330.png 244,200
8 1Mat047.png 40,000 1Mat047.png 40,000 1Mat092.png 100,000 1Mat149.png 120,000 1Mat149.png 120,000 1Mat268.png 250,000 1Mat332.png 240,000
9 3Use0047.png - 3Use0047.png - 3Use0047.png - 1Mat143.png 150,000 1Mat197.png 180,000 1Mat235.png 200,000 1Mat329.png 220,000
10 5.5Mat002.png - 5.5Mat002.png - 5.5Mat002.png - 3Use0047.png - 3Use0047.png - 3Use0047.png - 3Use0047.png -
11 5.5Mat002.png - 5.5Mat002.png - 5.5Mat002.png - 5.5Mat002.png -
Xp per ring: 14,540 18,125 66,766 104,373 139,045 205,256 229,428
Best Xp/ring: 28,458 33,056 153,156 203,583 318,333 393,306 441,197

Red Rings Quest

The first time you play a Red Ring week you will get 2 quests and an achievement reward.

Quest Reward
Mines of the Red Ring 300Mat001.png 800Sys001.png
Deserved Rewards 500Mat001.png 2,000Sys001.png
Final Reward
Achievement (Lord of the Rings)
Level Collect Reward
1 1Tok1642.png
2 2Tok1642.png
500X.png600Mat001.png5110 FOOD (550 TOTAL) (550)E.png
3 4Tok1642.png
4 5Tok1642.png
5 7Tok1642.png
6 9Tok1642.png
7 12Tok1642.png
8 15Tok1642.png
10,000X.png5,000Mat001.png50Mat002.png Dec0492.png
Total 55Tok1642.png
27,000X.png15,900Mat001.png1Use0036.png 5110 FOOD (550 TOTAL) Dec0492.png150Mat007.png150Mat022.png1Mat047.png2Tok0032.png3Use0047.png 50Mat002.png

How does it Work?

Red rings work in a similar way to Green Rings.
A new map with repeatable ring and reward mines will be added to your stories map.
You collect Red Rings in the repeatable Red ring mines available to the region you are in.
Then spend them in the (highest) Reward mine available to you.

Acquiring Red Rings

  • Each special repeatable mine available has 1 ring and materials. These mines have a reset time of 11 hours. (twice daily play)

Using your Red Rings

  • Red rings can only be used in one of the 'Rewards' Mines
  • The gate to the next tier will only open after at least 1 chest has been opened from the previous tier
  • Players need to open at least 3 chests (1 from each tier) to be able to reset the location
  • Players can reset the location by digging the tile at the end - it becomes available after opening at least one chest in the green tier

Calculating the amount of materials

The amount of materials found in the treasure chests is determined by the your level.
The formula to calculate the amount of material is:

Amount = (Level x Multiplier x Value) + Value

  • Level: your own level, visible at the top of the screen
  • Multiplier - The multiplier value will be different for different chests, check the Multipliers and Value Ranges for Reward mines tables below.
  • Value - this is the value, which is set separately for every chest, values are set in ranges and sometimes in fixed amounts, for example 13-17. Value can be only integer number, for example 1-2, the Value can be only 1 or 2.

The decimals in results are always rounded DOWN

The DA friends helpertool for browsers has a tab to calculate everything for you.

Reward mines: Maps, Multipliers and Value Ranges

Region 1.png
Red Hall of Rewards

Hall of Rewards (Egypt)

  • The location consists of 10 treasure chests and 1 tile.
  • The chests are divided into tiers:
    • Red tier: Mat022.png Mat007.png Mat001.png Use0030.png
    • Blue tier: Mat032.png Mat008.png Sys001.png
    • Green Tier: Mat047.png Mat002.png Use0047.png(8h)


Redring3.png Values Range Multiplier
Mat022.png 23-26 0.10
Mat007.png 33-36 0.10
Mat001.png 910-940 0.10
Use0030.png (110Nrg.png) 3-4 0.02
Mat032.png 12-15 0.01
Mat008.png 10-12 0.01
Sys001.png 12 9
Mat047.png Always 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat002.png 5 or 6 (Regardless of level) N/A
Use0047.png(8h) Always 3 (Regardless of level) N/A
Region 3.png
Red Pagoda of Rewards

Red Ring Pagoda (China)

  • The location consists of 10 treasure chests and 1 tile.
  • The chests are divided into tiers:
    • Red tier: Mat094.png Mat099.png Use0139.png Mat001.png
    • Blue tier: Mat095.png Mat096.png Sys001.png
    • Green Tier: Mat002.png Mat092.png Use0047.png(8h)


Redring3.png Values Range Multiplier
Mat099.png 6-8 0,06
Mat094.png 7-9 0,06
Mat001.png 910-940 0.10
Use0139.png(1000Nrg.png) 3-4 0,02
Mat095.png 4-5 0,04
Mat096.png 3-4 0,02
Sys001.png 12 9
Mat002.png 5-6 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat092.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Use0047.png(8h) 3 (Regardless of level) N/A
Region 4.png
Red Museum of Rewards

Red Museum of Rewards (Atlantis)

  • The location consists of 11 treasure chests and 1 tile.
  • The chests are divided into tiers:
    • Red tier: Mat147.png Mat145.png Mat001.png Sys001.png
    • Blue tier: Mat144.png Mat146.png Mat148.png
    • Green Tier: Mat149.png Use0047.png(8h) Mat143.png Mat002.png


Redring3.png Values Range Multiplier
Mat145.png 4-5 0.05
Mat147.png 4-5 0.04
Mat001.png 910-940 0.1
Sys001.png 12 9
Mat144.png 4-5 0.1
Mat146.png 2 0.08
Mat148.png 3-4 0.01
Mat002.png 5-6 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat143.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Use0047.png(8h) 3 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat149.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Region 5.png
Red Mountain of Rewards

Red Mountain of Rewards (Greece)

  • The location consists of 11 treasure chests and 1 tile.
  • The chests are divided into tiers:
    • Red tier: Mat195.png Mat196.png Mat001.png Sys001.png
    • Blue tier: Mat193.png Mat198.png Mat199.png
    • Green Tier: Mat197.png Use0047.png(8h) Mat149.png Mat002.png


Redring3.png Values Range Multiplier
Mat195.png 4-5 0.07
Mat196.png 2-3 0.05
Mat001.png 910-940 0.1
Sys001.png 14 9
Mat193.png 3-4 0.03
Mat198.png 3-4 0.02
Mat199.png 1-2 0.02
Mat197.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Use0047.png(8h) 3 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat149.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat002.png 5-6 (Regardless of level) N/A
Region 6.png
Red Temple of Rewards

Red Temple of Rewards (New World)

  • The location consists of 11 treasure chests and 1 tile.
  • The chests are divided into tiers:
    • Red tier: Mat147.png Sys001.png Mat001.png Mat198.png
    • Blue tier: Mat267.png Mat269.png Mat266.png
    • Green Tier: Mat235.png Mat002.png Use0047.png(8h) Mat268.png


Redring3.png Values Range Multiplier
Mat147.png 5-6 0.05
Sys001.png 15 9
Mat001.png 1050-1120 0.1
Mat198.png 4-5 0.04
Mat267.png 2-3 0.03
Mat269.png 1-2 0.01
Mat266.png 3-4 0.03
Mat235.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat002.png 5-6 (Regardless of level) N/A
Use0047.png(8h) 3 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat268.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Region 7.png
Red Deck of Rewards

Red Deck of Rewards (Terra)

  • The location consists of 11 treasure chests and 1 tile.
  • The chests are divided into tiers:
    • Red tier: Mat334.png Mat333.png Mat001.png Sys001.png
    • Blue tier: Mat331.png Mat328.png Mat330.png
    • Green Tier: Mat329.png Use0047.png Mat332.png Mat002.png


Redring3.png Values Range Multiplier
Mat334.png 4-5 0.07
Mat333.png 2-3 0.05
Mat001.png 1050-1120 0.1
Sys001.png 15 9
Mat331.png 2-3 0.02
Mat328.png 4-5 0.05
Mat330.png 3-4 0.03
Mat329.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Use0047.png(8h) 3 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat332.png 1 (Regardless of level) N/A
Mat002.png 5-6 (Regardless of level) N/A
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Double Gifting Week

DGW.pngDouble gifting diggy.png
All gifts sent to your neighbors are doubled during this special week.

This week can only be enjoyed when you have your game on the Facebook computer version and have neighbors in the game.
(see chapter on differences between computer and mobile devices HERE)

Year date
2015 Mar 24 - Mar 31 Map
2016 Jan 19 - Jan 26 Oct 4 - Oct 11
2017 Mar 7 - Mar 14 Jul 11 - Jul 18
2018 Mar 6 - Mar 13 Sep 4 - Sep 11
2019 May 14 - May 21 Nov 5 - Nov 12
2020 Mar 24 - Mar 31 Sep 8 - Sep 15
2021 May 4 - May 11 Oct 12 - Oct 19
2022 Jun 21 - Jun 28
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Debris Discount Week

DDW.pngDDW diggy.png
20% Off on all costs for clearing the dirt in your underground camp (grid unlock) to make place and be able to place more equipment.

More information on Grid unlock HERE

Year date
2015 May 5 - May 12 Grid20Off.jpg
2016 Mar 7 - Mar 15
Jun 14 - Jun 21
Nov 15 - Nov 22
2017 Apr 26 - May 2 Nov 7 - Nov 13
2018 May 1 - May 8 Dec 4 - Dec 11
2019 Apr 30 - May 7 Nov 19 - Nov 26
2020 May 26 - Jun 2 Nov 10 - Nov 17
2021 May 25 - Jun 1 Dec 7 - Dec 14
2022 Mar 1 - Mar 8
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Strongman Week (Discontinued)

A special week which featured original plot driven locations whenever it was introduced. The idea was to provide a hardcore challenge for the most hardcore players, while offering some incredibly powerful rewards for those who manage to beat it.

Strongman contest special weeks were officially discontinued in the beginning of 2018 due to the formula being outdated and not in-line with the new segmented event pattern.

  • Releases:
    • 2014: September 9 - 16
    • 2015: January 27 - February 3, July 14 - 21
    • 2016: January 26 - February 2, July 20 - 27
    • 2017: January 24 - 31, July 18 - 25
    • 2018: January 23 - 30 (The final one)
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